One that the side pursuits in Red Dead Redemption 2 is The Ties that Bind united state where you room asked to assist two strangers take under their wanted posters in the Rhodes town.

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The Ties That tie is will certainly become accessible in chapter 5 after you complete the main mission dubbed The Joys of Civilization. That is a stranger mission that is separated into 5 parts, however unlike the other side missions, component 3 and also 5 space not automatically marked in the map.While there are 5 goals that you need to end up in this quest, we will certainly be concentrating on the an initial part where you are tasked to uncover the 5 chain gang posters scattered in Rhodes town.
The Ties that Bind united state Bounty Poster LocationsWanted Poster #1 LocationWanted Poster #2 LocationWanted Poster #3 LocationWanted Poster #4 LocationWanted Poster #5 Location

The Ties the Bind us Bounty Poster Locations

The Ties that Bind united state LocationTo begin this stranger mission, you’ll should visit the hill next to the train tracks in Rhodes. You will uncover two males fighting with each other on the ground. Approach the two men and also talk through them. They will certainly then ask you come take down their bounty poster scattered in the city of Rhodes.

Wanted Poster #1 Location

Wanted Poster #1 LocationNow that you currently accepted their request, the closest want poster the you can discover from that place is inside Post Office. Check the plank for the wanted poster.

Wanted Poster #2 Location

Wanted Poster #2 LocationThe second wanted poster can be uncovered on a post. However, there’s a male standing next to it so you’ll have to ask the man to relocate so girlfriend can acquire the wanted poster. The guy will punch you and also you need to take the down first to obtain the poster.

Wanted Poster #3 Location

Wanted Poster #3 LocationYour next stop is top top the Sherrif’s Board. Just approach the board and snatch the want poster.

Wanted Poster #4 Location

Wanted Poster #4 LocationThe 4th wanted poster is on one more lantern post at the finish of the key road.

Wanted Poster #5 Location

Wanted Poster #5 LocationAfter picking up the fourth wanted poster, just continue walking under the roadway until you watch the telegraph heat post. When you’re still far from the post, girlfriend will view a bounty hunter choose up the wanted poster. This bounty hunter will try to relocate out of the place so you need to quickly chase and also beat him climate loot the wanted poster native his pocket.
And that’s the ar of the 5 chain corridor posters. A marker will certainly be accessible in her map after ~ you achieve the posters, head to the marked location to finish component 1 of The Ties That bind Us.The remaining missions of The Ties That tie Us space pretty easy and do no require any kind of hunting or whatsoever. Simply follow the markers till you got to the last part. To trust me, the a great ending because that the 2 men.Do friend want much more guides, tips, and also tricks? then make certain to visit ours Red Dead Redemption 2 guide directory.

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