Real Madrid collection a club record of 35 games unbeaten in all competitions with a so late rally because that a 3-2 win against Deportivo on Saturday.

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They essential a amazing comeback to prolong the run. Substitute Mariano Diaz equalised with 6 minutes left and Sergio Ramos sent out the Bernabeu right into delirium as soon as he it is provided in a header native a edge during stoppage-time -- just a week after his so late equaliser versus Barcelona.

Madrid had equalled the document with a 2-2 draw versus Borussia Dortmund in the Champions league on Wednesday that observed the holders just qualify because that the knockout step of the competition together runners-up in group F.

The document of 34 gamings unbeaten was set by Leo Beenhakker during the 1988-89 campaign when they winner the Primera division title, only losing once in 38 games.

Zidane"s side broke Carlo Ancelotti"s record of 32 games unbeaten with a 6-1 Copa del Rey success against social Leonesa previously this month.

Speaking around the document in his postgame news conference, Zidane claimed he had felt lucky all with his career, when warning that there to be still a long way to go prior to his team would success anything important this season.

"I have actually a star, I assumed that when I was a player and also again now," Zidane said. "I am very lucky to have actually this life and I try and enjoy it as much as ns can.

"We are only halfway v the season, and there will certainly be challenging moments. I want to reap this, however we have not yet completed anything."

The Primera department record because that matches untouched is held by Barcelona (39 games), set during the 2015-16 campaign, while Juventus hold the European record for your unbeaten run of 43 matches when existing Chelsea manager Antonio Conte was in charge back in 2011-12.

After rallying to win on Saturday, actual Madrid have still not shed a game due to the fact that April.GettyReal"s last defeat was 2-0 at Wolfsburg in the Champions organization on April 6 critical season and since then they have recorded 24 victories and also nine color etc in all competitions, if scoring 94 goals and conceding simply 31.

"This is thanks to the players, that"s the truth," Zidane said. "They walk it, and the fans too, who assist a lot in ~ the end of games. We execute not think we room invincible. Us will lose a game. But the players think positively and also that helps us.

"This operation of 35 games will offer us toughness to store going. Ns am happy and we rested part players, and those who came in did very well, which is an extremely important because that the group."

Ramos headed in Toni Kroos" edge for the winner in the 92nd minute, which also kept Madrid 6 points clean of Barcelona atop the La Liga table.

Zidane said his players had actually made a huge effort in digging themselves out of a hole they discovered themselves in after ~ Casemiro and also Ramos to be at fault because that their former teammate Joselu"s two goals.

"We play an impressive video game tonight and also I to be happy because that the players," that said. "We suffered but they believed until the end. We made a wrong in one play, yet that have the right to happen. We believed and also we go it. It to be a stunner game.

"As the players put such a vast effort in, they are persuaded that points will come out for them. The is not easy as soon as you room behind top top the scoreboard, yet we to be relaxed and the substitutions helped a lot of too."

Ramos famously equalised in the 93rd minute the the 2014 Champions organization final against Atletico Madrid, and also in simply over 2 years due to the fact that he contends least 4 times headed late an essential goals, including in last weekend"s 1-1 Clasico attract at Barcelona.

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"We understand Sergio can do this," Zidane said. "He is our captain and he gives energy to the others. The is great in the air. Girlfriend can shot and mark him, however he is an extremely clever and moves really well. He always goes wherein the round will land. Depor have very an excellent defenders, however they can do nothing."

Information indigenous FC"s La Liga writer Dermot Corrigan was supplied in this report.