The error password “6-0x00001000” shows up on Rainbow 6 Siege when trying to go into a multiplayer video game using the matchmaking mechanism. Follow to the official documentation from Rainbow 6 Siege, this error post primarily way that the connection come the matchmaking servers time out.

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Rainbow six Siege Error code 6-0x00001000

Users began experiencing this error code at a large scale from around August 2018. Because then, players experience this error one of two people indefinitely or every now and also then. This error article is not minimal to consoles only; it likewise occurs on windows application that the game.

What reasons Rainbow 6 Siege Error password 6-0x00001000?

Officials the the game have identified the error message more than when in social media forums and also reportedly operated on a deal with which was later on released. Here are few of the significant reasons why you can experience this issue:

Xbox Account Issue: There appears to it is in a bug in Xbox consoles. Part user profiles space able to affix to the matchmaking servers while part cannot.Bad internet connection: This is the most typical factor for why you see this error when playing. If her internet connection is unstable, the servers will not be able to affix with your game.Console in an error state: over there are instances where her internet link is working perfectly but your console refuses to connect. In this case, a straightforward power cycle usually fixes the issue.Server maintenance: Every video game turns off your servers for routine maintenance. If the server is down, you will not be able to affix to matchmaking services. You have to wait this one out.DNS Server: corresponding making procedure also renders use of her computer’s DNS address. If the DNS server is no accessible, you will certainly not have the ability to use the multiplayer mode.NAT Settings: The NAT settings on your Xbox or PlayStation could be collection incorrectly.
Rainbow Siege official Statement

Solution 1: checking your net Connection

If the internet link on your computer or console is rough or limited, the an equipment will no be maybe to accessibility the matchmaking servers and also pop the error message on her screen. Now there room several ways through which girlfriend can inspect your internet; you have the right to use an additional device, attach it come the exact same network and check if you have access.

If you do have access on her other device but no your console/computer, we can shot power cycling your router. There space several instances where the router goes right into an error state. Strength cycling refreshes all the configurations and enables correct transmission of the network again.

Turn off your router and console/computer.Take out the power cable of each device. Currently press and also hold the power switch of each an equipment for around 4 secs so all the power is drained.Now, wait 2-3 minutes prior to plugging everything ago in. Now turn every the devices on and also check if the error post is resolved.

Note: If you are using any proxy server, make sure that you remove it and shot again. Proxy servers sometimes have settings i beg your pardon block numerous services/websites native running. This happens particularly in organizations and public locations such as hospitals etc.

Solution 2: Checking because that Updates

Like discussed before, Rainbow six Siege acknowledged the issue of devices not being able come connect and also commented the a solve is underway. That fix acquired released as an update to the game and also for the majority the the users, it addressed the issue. Below we will certainly navigate come the applications web page in your Xbox and also update the video game to the latest build available. You deserve to use the PC method to update the video game on your PC.

Navigate come the Applications page on your Xbox and also select the Update button existing at the left navigation bar.Rainbow Siege upgrade – XboxNow find Rainbow Siege Six and also make certain that girlfriend update the application completely to the latest build.Restart your computer and also check if the error article is resolved.

Solution 3: an altering User profile in Xbox

Xbox user profiles are recognized to obtain induced with number of bugs and also errors. We came across some cases where some profiles were greeted v the Error password 6-0x00001000 while some were maybe to properly use the matchmaking system for multiplayer. Here we will try to readjust the user file on your Xbox console and also see if this fixes the issue.

Navigate to your Xbox house page. Now choose the heading Social from the optimal of the page.Signing out – XboxHere you will see a switch named Sign In or Out. Click it and sign out of your profile.After you room signed out, you have the right to either create a brand-new profile or sign in making use of an present profile.Now beginning Rainbow six Siege and see if the error obtained resolved and also the matchmaking is successful.

Solution 4: using a VPN

This might seem bizarre yet we came throughout several situations where users were maybe to use matchmaking and connect come multiplayer gamings using a VPN. A VPN (Virtual exclusive Network) provides use the tunnels and also disguises your location. VPNs are used to accessibility content which can not be available to you through normal network channels. You deserve to ‘try’ this workaround yet there is no strict guarantee the this will work.

CyberGhost VPN

You can examine our short article on exactly how to watch Netflix v VPN and follow the procedures on exactly how to install CyberGhost VPN. The actions are the same other than that girlfriend don’t have to select the streaming category. After installing the VPN on her computer, try connecting come the matchmaking servers again and check if the error blog post is resolved.

Solution 5: transforming DNS Settings

DNS (Domain name Systems) are supplied by applications and also games alike to attach to their servers or services. If the DNS on your computer system is not working properly, you will not be able to affix with Rainbow 6 Siege servers. ISP’s normally allocate a default DNS server however it doesn’t work in some instances. Here in this equipment we will set Google’s DNS and see if this fixes the issue.

Press windows + R, kind “control panel” in the dialogue box and also press Enter.Once in the manage panel, click the sub-heading “Network and Internet”.Network and Internet – manage PanelSelect “Network and also Sharing Center” native the next home window you room navigated to.Network and sharing center – control PanelHere girlfriend will discover the network come which friend are associated to. Click the network present in kind of “Connections” as shown in the screenshot below.
Selecting linked NetworkNow click on “Properties” existing at the near bottom that the small window which mister up.Properties the NetworkDouble-click top top “Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” so we can change the DNS server.Opening IPV4 SettingsClick top top “Use the adhering to DNS server addresses:” therefore the conversation boxes below end up being editable. Now set the worths as following:

Preferred DNS server: DNS server: DNS SettingsPress OK to conserve changes and exit. Restart your computer and check if girlfriend can connect properly come Rainbow 6 Siege matchmaking servers.

Solution 6: an altering NAT kind (for consoles)

Xbox and also PlayStation consoles use NAT (Network attend to Translation) in bespeak to communicate on the internet. Over there are number of NAT types which differ according the level the security. If you have actually a strictly NAT type in your console, the game could not be able to affix to that servers. In this solution, we will certainly navigate to her network setups and change the NAT form manually.

Navigate to her Settings and then pick Network.Select Network setups when the alternative becomes visible.Network settings – XboxNow edit your network settings. Make certain that you adjust the NAT type to Open.Changing NAT TypeSave your changes and also exit. Restart your computer and try matchmaking again.

Solution 7: check Server Status

Every game takes it server offline for program maintenance. This maintenance can go on indigenous several hrs to minutes. Over there is no addressed time. Therefore if you were able to usage the matchmaking system recently yet aren’t able to now, the probably means that the servers are down for maintenance. You have actually no option yet to wait that out.

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Rainbow Siege Server Status

You can navigate to Tom Clancy’s Rainbow six Siege – service Status website and also check the server status. Together you have the right to see in the image above, there are icons for the server status. If there is anything wrong with the server, wait the out until it is fixed.