It is annoying as soon as there is one error in her PC as soon as you room playing a game. Moreover, we carry out not know what to carry out to be able to fix the issue. If the error that you are experiencing now is error password 6-0X00001000 in Rainbow Six: Siege, friend will have the ability to fix it after reading this article. Here, friend will find the methods to settle that error code.

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If you find an error code 6-0X00001000 in Rainbow Six: Siege once you space playing the game, it way that your link to the matchmaking company timed out. So, you space able to settle this worry by applying the approaches below. You space able to try the first method, however if that does not work, you space able to shot the following method.


Fixing Error code 6 0X00001000 By check Your net Connection

The factor why you have to examine your internet connection is because if your internet link is not steady or limited, the an equipment will not be able to get access to the matchmaking servers so the this error pops up on her screen. So, to inspect it, you space able to usage another maker and climate you can shot to attach the very same network. If friend can accessibility it fine on another device, however not in your pc or console, you space able to power cycling your router. If you do power cycling, it have the right to refresh all the configuration and permits the correct infection of the network network again. Exactly how to strength cycling? You room able to monitor the procedures below.

First, you need to turn off her router and computer or console.After that, you have to take out the strength cable of each device. And then, press and also hold the power button of each machine for around 4 seconds. By law it, every the energy will be drained.In this step, you need to wait for around 2 come 3 minutes prior to you plug everything in again. You need to turn every the devices on and also then see whether the error still shows up or not.

Do you use proxy servers? Sometimes, it has settings which deserve to block some websites or services from running. So, you need to make certain that you remove it and then try again. Usually, this problem happens in publicly places.

Fixing Error password 6 0X00001000 By changing User profile in Xbox

You may recognize that Xbox user profiles sometimes obtain induced with some errors and also bugs. There are some world who confront this error yet some others can use the matchmaking mechanism properly without facing this error. So, let’s try to adjust the user profile on her Xbox console as an effort to deal with this error.

The first thing that you have to do is to walk to her Xbox residence page. When you are there, you need to go to social from the optimal of the page.


In this step, over there is a button named authorize In or Out. You have to click on it and then sign out of her profile.After that, you room able to produce a brand-new profile or you are able to authorize in by using an currently profile. You can choose from this options.Then, you are able come launch Rainbow Six: Siege and also then inspect whether the error is fixed.

Fixing Error code 6 0X00001000 by Checking because that Updates

Rainbow 6 Siege admits the the concern of gadgets which can not connect and also they say the they are solving it. The settle of this worry is an upgrade to the game. Some users try to settle this concern by to update the game and also it can fix it. So, you room able to upgrade the game to the latest develop available. Below, we provide you the procedures to upgrade your game.

The first thing that you need to do is to go to the Application page on your Xbox. ~ that, you have to pick the Update button which deserve to be discovered at the left navigation bar.


Here, you have actually to uncover Rainbow Siege Six and also then you need to make certain that you update the application completely to the latest build.After you upgrade it, you have to restart her PC and then you room able to view whether the error is fixed.

Fixing Error password 6 0X00001000 By checking Server Status

There is constantly routine maintain for the game and also when it happens the video game server will be offline. The expression of maintenance can be minutes to hours. So, if the reason why you acquire this error is since there is program maintenance, then there is no fixing an approach that you room able come do. You just need to wait until the process of maintain is finished and also you space able to shot playing the video game later.

Fixing Error code 6 0X00001000 By an altering DNS Settings

If you find that DNS top top your computer cannot work-related well, girlfriend cannot connect with Rainbow Six: Siege servers. So, you are able to change the DNS settings to solve it.

First, you have to press windows + R and then type control panel in the dialogue box. After inputting it, struggle Enter.When you are in the control Panel, the point that you have to do is to click the sub-heading Network and Internet.


Now, you have actually to pick Network and Sharing center from the next home window that you are navigated to.

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In this step, over there is the network to which you are associated to. You have actually to click on the network i beg your pardon is present in form of ‘Connections’.Then, you have to click the nature which have the right to be found near the bottom that the small window which mr up.


After that, twin click on net Protocol variation 4 (TCP/IPv4) so the you room able to adjust the DNS server.You must click Use The complying with DNS Server Addresses so that the conversation boxes will certainly be editable. Now, you have to collection the worths to:

Preferred DNS server: