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Rowland H. MacyAKA Rowland Hussey MacyBorn: 30-Aug-1822Birthplace: Nantucket Island, MADied: 29-Mar-1877Location the death: Paris, FranceCause of death: heart FailureRemains: Buried, Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, NYGender: MaleReligion: QuakerRace or Ethnicity: WhiteSexual orientation: StraightOccupation: BusinessNationality: united StatesExecutive summary: Founder that Macy"s department storesHis father to be a shopkeeper in Nantucket, yet Rowland H. Macy left residence at the period of 15 to sail the Atlantic through whale hunters. Return to Massachusetts 4 years later, he operated for several years in his father"s shop before opening his very own needle-and-thread save in Boston in 1844, but it was quickly bankrupt. Macy started selling dry items in 1846, but this store additionally failed. The briefly functioned in his brother-in-law"s Boston shop, climate fled to California in the 1849 yellow rush. Detect no wealth out west, he returned to Massachusetts and also opened a dry products store in Haverhill, Massachusetts in 1851, in partnership with his brother. This keep was a usually success, however in 1858 Macy left Haverhill and also opened a little store of his own in a low-rent neighborhood in brand-new York City.In brand-new York, Macy found major success. His store became known for its then-innovative plan of clearly marking prices (instead of haggling through customers), and also advertising those price in vivid newspaper ads. He employed the very first in-store Santa Claus, and had a major hand in recreating Christmas in America together a retail as lot as a religious event. Shrewd v public relations, Macy made certain reporters knew once he supported a saleswoman, Margaret Getchell, to store manager in 1866, making she the very first woman to host an executive article with a major American retailer. The red star in the Macy"s logo design was mr Macy"s idea, inspired by a red-star tattoo on his forearm native his whaling days. By the time of his death in 1877, Macy"s store had actually grown come a tangle the eleven connected buildings on brand-new York"s 13th and also 14th Streets.Father: man Macy (shopkeeper)Mother: Elizabeth Myrick Barnard Macy (m. 1808)Brother: Robert B. Macy (shopkeeper)Wife: Louisa house turn (b. 1820, m. 1844, d. 1888)Son: Rowland H. Macy Jr. (b.

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1847)Daughter: Florence Macy (b. 1853) Macy"s Founder & CEO (1858-77)New!rwcchristchurchappeal.com MAPPER
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