Queen of the southern Season 4 episode 2 Review: Un Asunto de Familia

Queen the the South generally gets mine heart rate up. It"s left me breathless with activity and intrigue on an ext than one occasion, but this may have been the an initial time that left me close come speechless.

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There were a couple of moments when all I could do was point at the screen, mouth agape, incoherently sputtering, "That"s... That"s..."

Kelly Anne!

The same Kelly Anne that tearfully begged forgiveness after ~ she betrayed Teresa.

The very same Kelly anne I truly thought had to be shot and also killed through James after Pote couldn"t pull the trigger.


How can she perhaps still be alive?

Her explanation was simple. After ~ Pote to walk away, James traction the trigger however didn"t shoot her. He told her to run and also let she go. 

I certain adore Kelly Anne, and I"ve missed her, however it doesn"t typical I to trust her completely.

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Where has she been all of this time? has she yes, really been top top the run, hiding out, or can she be working through the CIA?

James went through the CIA. Castel is supposedly their asset. It"s not so much fetched to think the Kelly ann came ago to aid Tony but could also be utilizing it together a way to get ago in through Teresa"s organization. 

Kelly Anne: Tony and also I had a system, if he ever got in problem he’d ping me ~ above the app. He said his roommate had actually been shot and a bunch of males were running after that so I obtained in my car and also I journey down right here as quick as i could.Pote: learning that you would be eliminated on sight?Kelly Anne: He was in trouble, so yeah.

Or maybe the reality is precisely what she claims it is. Probably she"s just exhausted of running and facing Teresa is better than life the rest of her life in hiding.


The look on Pote"s challenge when he observed Kelly anne in the woods probably mirrored mine own. The was prefer seeing a ghost. The made no sense, and yet, there she was. 

Kelly Anne and also Pote"s connection has constantly been one of those special relationships that remind united state that there"s a love beating in that ruthless hitman"s chest. 

But just due to the fact that he loves Kelly ann doesn"t average he won"t death her if he"s bespeak to also if that hesitated the last time.

Kelly Anne: Teresa doesn’t recognize I’m alive, obviously, right?Pote: not yet.Kelly Anne: execute you think she still walking to desire me dead?Pote: ns don’t know.Kelly Anne: If she does, she’s going to ask friend to carry out it. I won’t hold it against you. Honestly, I rather you than anyone rather ‘cause I understand you’ll do it quick.

It"s incredibly an overwhelming not to love Kelly anne in moments prefer that. 

Kelly Anne"s wasn"t the just familiar however supposedly dead face we witnessed in this installment. 


Brenda returned, and also it was an excellent to see her also if it was only in flashbacks. 

Brenda: would certainly you it is in Tony’s godmother?Teresa: Yes. That course!Brenda: No. Hear to me. No, ‘cause I’m no talking about just a godmother who’s going to pose because that the baptism photos. What I typical is, if something wake up to Chino or me, will certainly you take care of him?Teresa: Yes, of course.

Brenda to be no fool. She knew the life they to be living, and also she knew the she could need someone to step up come take treatment of Tony if she and Chino to be gone.

I can"t speak I care much about Tony. He"s advantageous in providing Teresa an noticeable vulnerability, and also in this case, to lug Kelly Anne ago into the fold.

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That said, it"s clear that Teresa will always protect Tony favor family, which also method he"ll constantly have a target top top his back. 


And sometimes also when your opponents are dead, lock still save trying to ruin you.

Pote: It was Cortez. He paid them before he got killed.Kelly Anne: but if he is dead why’d castle come ~ you?Pote: He gained paid. It’s favor a bullet leaving the chamber, you deserve to never take it it back.

I couldn"t assist but chuckle at that Queen of the southern quote. It"s the assassin"s code. When you gain paid, the job gets done. 

While Pote to be chasing down Tony, Teresa and the crew had their own situation with which come deal. 

The male is unstable. He likes to do money however he"s at risk to violence, not simply when his service gets threatened but as a way of feeling less insecure. 

Raoul enjoys make sure people are fear of him. 

Killing George and Birdie when he"d finished v his cigar was an indiscriminate time frame, and also had nothing to do with whether his nephew was safe.

If Raoul had actually shot George and Birdie and his nephew to be still alive, the logical following step would have been for Teresa to kill the nephew, but Raoul either didn"t think that far ahead or didn"t care. I"m not certain which the is. 

George: If girlfriend gotta death someone, you kill me. She a civilian, she’s gained nothing to carry out with this. Raoul: just how brave. But I’m a guy of my word. If it’s any type of consolation I’ll death you first so you nothing watch her die.Birdie: (Spits at Raoul) i hope her nephew"s dead and also Teresa sends out you to sign up with him.Raoul: Okay, friend first.

Birdie absolutely showed she"s not just a bartender. The girl"s acquired backbone.

Not just did Birdie impress George, however she also saw v his wisecracks and also bravado. Not many world call him the end on that, however Birdie did.

George: you did great today. Hosted your water. The ain’t no basic thing staring down the barrel the a gun. Birdie: Yeah, well, my dad ran numbers in the French Quarter. He provided to use me together a runner so i think the first time someone placed a gun to my confront I couldn’t have been more than nine. George: Whoa, Jesus.Birdie: for this reason this is not the very first time yet it is the an initial time someone’s available to take a cartridge for me. George: Just how my Mama raised me. Birdie: Don’t do that.George: What?Birdie: friend don’t need to be on all the time, ns mean, not with me. George: My coping mechanism. Birdie: Okay, i think I’ve got a better one.

George looked completely gobsmacked when Birdie make the an initial move and kissed him. That obviously wasn"t expecting that.

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Teresa"s gained her hands full here in new Orleans v Marcel and also Raoul, and also Judge Lafayette wasn"t also in the photo this walk around. 

Not to mention the CIA surveillance her native afar, and Camila and Isabel should be the end there somewhere still plotting against her. 

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If this second installment is any type of indication, Queen the the south Season 4 is going to be one hell that a ride!

Check back for my testimonial of Queen the the southern Season 4 episode 3 and also until then, girlfriend can watch Queen the the southern online here in ~ TV Fanatic.