If you’ve been playing the first Destiny expansion, The Dark Below, this week, you might have noticed that one quest couldn’t be completed yet. Now that Xur is back in the Tower (look for him on the way to the Vanguard class mentors), you can purchase an item you need.

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For one strange coin, you can purchase the Urn of Sacrifice and take it to Eris Morn to begin a lengthy quest chain. You’ll need to have a weapon with void elemental damage and a fusion rifle with solar damage (Eris" gift, Murmur, will work) to complete the process.

The first step tasks you with killing Hive thrall. You’ll need to wipe out 25 of them with a solar energy fusion rifle in order to finish this step. The best thing you can do is head into the Hellmouth and pick them off as they appear. If you die, progress is reset.

Next is the most challenging of the steps. You need to melee kill five cursed thralls (yes, those are the ones that explode). Again, if you die, progress is reset. The best option is to run the early part of the Moon strike (Summoning Pits), get to the gate, safely kill cursed thralls, exit out, and repeat. Don’t feel bad about dropping; all those other high level characters are doing the same thing.

The last of the trio of hunt tasks requires you to kill Hive acolytes and wizards to collect their hearts. Wizards count for five. Once you’ve topped off the urn (be careful not to die in the process), head back to Eris. You aren’t done yet. The hardest task in this chain awaits.

You need to kill Urzok, The Hated. He’s a large, gold-armored Hive knight that appears near the Jovian Complex on earth. Head through the first area you fought the Hive, then through where you fought your first wizard (the one that came from the Moon). 

Once back outside, you’re in the area with the crashed Hive ship and Fallen (Skywatch). There are public events that happen here: a Warsat defense mission and a dust-up between the two factions that results in a plethora of high-level units taking the field.

When Urzok appears, you’ll only have a few minutes. You’ll see his arrival announced in the bottom left. He has an arc-sensitive shield and takes a mountain of damage. Bring friends.

Once he’s in the ground, head back to the tower for your last assignment. A story mission opens up on the moon. Clearing it on hard mode (level 30) awards you extra experience and five motes of light.

You’ll face off against an enormous flood of Hive enemies, but once you’re done you can collect your reward. Head to Xur, exchange the urn for an item for Eris. Hand those eyes over to her and you’ll get a class-specific set of gauntlets. 

Here’s what Warlocks and Hunters bring home:



This week also marks Xur’s first trading in exotics. Bring him your pre-expansion exotic, one exotic shard (purchased for seven strange coins or acquired by breaking down another exotic), and a little over 7,000 glimmer. What you’ll get back is an upgraded version of the item that shouldn’t set you back on your light level progression.

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You should be close to being able to run the Crota’s End raid (if you aren’t already able). Have fun! For a more in-depth look at The Dark Below, check out our previous coverage.