An avant-garde difficulty on Wednesday’s episode of Project Runway all Stars revealed which of the remaining designers have pure imagination… and also which may not have any kind of at all.

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Following a trip to Broadway’s Charlie and also the coco Factory: The Musical, the ripe contestants were tasked v using their imagination to “inventsomething never ever seen before in fashion. It might be a practical yet surprising usage for a garment, an unforeseen innovation, or one inventive means to wear something new.”(And to offer you one idea of how long earlier this illustration must have been filmed, Charlie finished its operation in Jan. 2018.)

Much the the illustration was devoted, and also rightfully so, come the building of Anthony Ryan Auld’s “dry-erase coat,” a brilliant vinyl piece inspired by his two deaf friends. Dmitry Sholokhov didn’t think much of Anthony’s production (“Who needs to compose on their clothing these days? If girlfriend think intellectually about it, it’s like, ‘What the f–k?"”), yet the judges feeling otherwise. Castle lavished it v phrases favor “totally innovative” and also “super functional,” though i think guest referee Andrew Rannells summed it increase best: “It’s the craziest-looking cloak ever, and I love it!” It to be a well-deserved win, haters (aka Dmitry) it is in damned.

That said, Michelle Lesniak provided Anthony a run for his money through a stunning “sensory depravation jacket,” i m sorry was motivated by her friend’s autistic child. Built with carpet padding, it was an eye-catching mini dress with an additional piece that permits the wearer come close herself off if she’s emotion anxious. “Simple and also pure,” indeed.

As because that this week’s elimination, the writing was top top the wall relatively early for the bottom two:Sean Kelly was compelled to whip up his back-up dress at the critical minute, leading to a look that left guest referee Anna Camp “confused,” whileDjango Steenbakker to be warned beforehand in the illustration that his innovation “doesn’t sound choose something we’ve never seen before.” had actually he been more receptive toAnne Fulenwider’s feedback, Django might have conserved himself from elimination.

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Do you think Django to be the appropriate designer to get the boot?Drop a comment through your thoughts on this week’s Project Runway every Stars below.