Pretty small Liars: The Perfectionists season one, episode three, “...If among Them Is Dead”>

Rejoice! Rejoice! The original Alison DiLaurentis is back!!! Yes. The scheming, lying, hard-ass bitch us all know and also love has actually returned come PLL, and also it is truly glorious.


At the start of Pretty little Liars: The Perfectionists, Alison to be desperate to leaving her previous behind her and also start a new, calm, drama-free life in Beacon Heights. What far better way to rotate over a new leaf than move to a town wherein you don’t know a soul, right? through a reputation favor Alison’s, it provides sense the she would certainly be working so difficult to it is in a far better person and avoid any kind of antics. When that’s admirable, let’s be real: Drama complies with this girl no issue what she does—and so does her past.

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It didn’t take it too long for Alison come get captured up in some crazy stuff. By the end of the an initial episode, she obtained a terrifying warning around someone “watching” her. Minute later, her student, Nolan Hotchkiss, to be dead. Alison appeared to have nothing to do with the murder...until she decided to lie to Detective Booker. She asserted Dylan, Ava, and Caitlin to be at her residence that night, providing her students an alibi because that the murder. As shortly as Booker to walk away, Alison muttered, “Bring that on, bitch.” native that minute on, the OG Alison was ago with a vengeance.


But why TF would certainly Alison perform that once she to be trying to stay out of trouble? That’s what Dylan, Ava, and also Caitlin were wondering, for this reason she provided them the many self-aware solution ever: “Because i have damaging impulse control, and authority numbers who are prone to abusing the device are a trigger for me.”


That is an extremely on-brand. And also once Ali determined to lie come the detective, she knew she had actually to double down. Alison told the trio precisely what come do and say in bespeak to save the alibi sound. And also what would she execute in return? “Nothing ns haven’t excellent before.” Considering every the points Alison’s done before, that’s, uh, not precisely comforting.

After providing the perfectionists their talking points, Ali payment a visit to she dear friend Mona come ask because that help. Alison wants to spy on Detective Booker and also see what she’s increase to, yet there’s a problem: Mona obtained locked out of she Beacon Guard security account for “suspicious activity.”

In usual OG Ali fashion, she protests, “But we must do our very own suspicious activity!” Ah, there’s nothing much better than a an excellent Ali-Mona scheming session.


Another OG Ali trait? smell bullsh*t indigenous a mile away. As soon as Mason satellite in his ex-BFF Nolan’s chair in class, Ali knew something to be up. And also after she spoke to him, let’s simply say he was stinking up her nose. Mason’s odd behavior could just be his means of managing Nolan’s death, however Ali isn’t purchase it. “Guilt watch a lot favor grief if you’re spanning something up,” she speak Mona.

And let’s not forget Alison’s best skill the all: scaring the absolute sh*t out of people. This has actually taken countless forms in the past, yet in this specific episode, she frightens Dylan, Ava, and also Caitlin as soon as she catches them snooping roughly Nolan’s sketchy cabin. They weren’t expecting anyone rather to be there, however as we all know, Alison has a habit of showing up places uninvited. She then provides them this nugget of wisdom: “When friend don’t know what you’re walk to run into, it’s best not come announce her presence.” talked like the true symbol she is.

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