I got A many mileage out of the Meghan Trainor hit, “All around That Bass” and a many requests on just how to beat “All around That Bass” in the PMJ style. I very first discovered it when I was in search of a tune to feature the extremely talented young bassist / singer / songwriter Kate Davis on a video. The was simply climbing the charts then, and also it couldn’t have actually had much better timing; here was a tune with a good melody that was practically begging because that an plan to feature an upright bassist, specifically one v Kate’s star qualities. The resulting video, that course, wound increase racking up over 14 million see on YouTube.

Download / stimulate “All about That Bass” from our ‘Historical Appropriation’ album:

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A year later, I recorded the actors of the PMJ 2015 European tourism performing the same an easy arrangement, adjusted it into an ext of an andrew Sisters- meets-1940s nightclub presentation (especially in ~ the end). That video clip also received 10 million see on YouTube and countless more on Facebook. Meghan Trainor actually common both videos online.

Download / bespeak "All around That bass (European Version)" from our ‘Emoji Antique" album:

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While part of me thinks I can just re-release "All about That Bass" every 6 months and also call it a day, i think the these 2 videos are definitely plenty for now. I perform recognize, however, the a lot of of world have been searching for this arrangement, so the they can shot their hand in ~ performing it themselves. That"s why we have released paper music because that a lot of our songs available on Music Notes

But currently onto the good stuff - here"s the graph so you have the right to learn just how to play "All about That Bass" - click come zoom:


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