i cannot log into pokemon go. Every time i get in my birthday, click returning player, and also use google accounts to log in in it states that it is unable to authenticate. Make the efforts restarting my phone, reinstalling pokemon go, and clearing mine cache (im on an iphone phone 8). Go anyone have any suggestions? edit: ns logged right into my account on mine friends phone, so my gmail account is fine. Its simply my phone. It wont let me pick a google account, just instantly can not to authenticate. As others suggested, ill wait a couple of days and see if anything changes. Modify 2: ns tried literally all of the suggestions and also they did no work. However, the end of desperation i retained checking in on pokemon walk to check out if i might log in and it just worked. No proviso what went wrong or exactly how to solve it, sorry.

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That’s happened to me when I have a weak wifi connection. That’s the only time I acquire the unable to Authenticate message. Try finding a ar with a more powerful signal or affix to cellular

I have same! Contacting Nia did not help. BTW because that me it has actually nothing with weak connection. Ns tried logging into my girlfriend phone and also worked

This happened to me when when i was using a google account the I had just updated mine phone number on. That made me wait 7 job to have the ability to authenticate anything

I was unable to log in in because that 5 work once.

I had actually to log the end of whatever first.

clear pogo data,uninstall pogo, uninstall the google save (make sure you examine all credentials first).

Reinstall the google store and log in. Reinstall pogo and also log in.

I realised the it to be a play store difficulty when ns logged on to pogo on my daughters phone no problem.

This appropriate here. If I have actually log in issues, I'll change to the Samsung store application for the day and also it functions fine. If that persists much longer I'll go through the whole reinstall deal.

I recognize the drill because that this ~ above Android phones - you remove Google Account indigenous system, clear pogo data, reboot device, re-add the Google Account to system and also then that works.

No idea if this is iOS achievable and what will happen if you eliminate Google Account from that (sync, files, no idea sorry).

Probably will fix in couple of days when some cached-somewhere-token will certainly timeout.

I've had similar situations as soon as I'm on a strange wifi link instead of mine cellular data. I'm pretty certain it's since the wifi was questioning me come log right into it very first / expropriate a terms of company thing prior to it would actually give me data, even though it looked prefer I had actually a valid internet connection.

Suggestion: revolve off wifi and only use cellular data, view if that functions on her phone.

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Followup suggestion: number out if there's a distinction in the web connections of your phone and also your friend's phone.


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