Q: Last week, I obtained a Visa credit card in the mail. It was imprinted v my name. The accompanying letter declared it remained in the amount of $75. There were instructions regarding its use. The firm supplying exact same is: OFFERWIRE through a P.O. Crate in Coppell, Texas.

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I have read through the information concerning this prepaid card but can't uncover the hook. Friends that I have display the map to can't see any kind of problem. Us both recognize "there's no free lunch." ns am 82 year old and also don't require the money yet just can't figure out this approach. Any ideas?

A: Yes, i do. First, it's no a credit transaction card. It is a prepaid debit map for a rebate that you supposedly qualified for, or someone sent in because that you.

OfferWire sends rebates to consumer who have purchased, for example, cable, web or call services. Perhaps you qualified because that something choose this and also you don't remember.

Often times, we obtain rebates like this for things we've forgotten about, like test-driving a car.

If i were you, I'd speak to the 800-number on the back of your card and shot to discover out why you acquired it.

If you feel comfortable utilizing it, then i would usage it at a grocery keep self-checkout wherein you deserve to buy sufficient to take you best up to the $75 mark.

While utilizing a card prefer this is fine, i would never cash a examine that you obtain unexpectedly and also you don't know what it's for. Often times, depositing together a examine can authorize you up because that some type of membership or walk you come something that you don't desire any part of.

Q: You had a reader last mainly asking around ways come stop gaining credit map applications in the mail. Here's some much more input: Years earlier I eliminated those pesky applications. I printed up pages of small mailing labels stating "Thank friend for acquisition my name off your mailing list."

After using a label to the application, ns mailed it back in their postage payment envelope so they paid the postage. It worked! ns haven't received an application in years.

A: thanks for the tip. I've had similar suggestions from readers in the previous (including stuffing the prepaid envelopes with hefty items or impolite messages), although part readers have actually criticized the practice, speak they think it deliberately wastes companies' time and money. Review on.

Q: I uncovered a good app the eliminates just the junk letter I have no attention in. It's called record Karma and also it's top top the iTunes app Store because that free. It allows you to snap image of your junk mail the you no longer want come get and they manage the rest. The company works with the junk letter distributor to remove your resolve from only that company's advertisements. That works!

A: Thanks, Jon. I've never determined why it's so daunting to acquire removed indigenous mailing perform of suppliers that friend absolutely have actually no attention in, choose catalogs from vendors you have no intentionally of patronizing. Why would certainly they want to waste your money sending us mailings we've said we don't want?

Murray is The level Dealer's personal finance writer. Due to the fact that of the volume the requests, she cannot help everyone that contacts her.

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