Using the proper Plex TV display naming conventions is an essential to Plex TV agents correctly finding and also downloading the TV present metadata. This means learning to properly organize your TV shows for Plex is important.

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How should your name and also organize your TV show for Plex? Let"s look at how this is done.


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Plex TV present naming conventionTV present folder structureTelevision specialsTV present episodes split over many files

Plex TV show naming convention

As I mentioned above, exactly how you name and organize her TV shows is important. If you don"t monitor a standard naming convention, climate the correct metadata may not download successfully.

The traditional naming convention for TV shows is together follows:

ShowName- sNNeXX.extThe NN is the 2 digit season and also the XX is the two digit illustration number.

For the instances in this article, i will use the miniseries "John Adams" as the TV show. If "John Adams" is a miniseries with only one season, girlfriend would simply increment the season number for continuous running TV shows.

For "John Adams", ns would usage the complying with names because that my files:

John Adams - s01e01.mp4John Adams - s01e02.mp4John Adams - s01e03.mp4John Adams - s01e04.mp4John Adams - s01e05.mp4John Adams - s01e06.mp4John Adams - s01e07.mp4You will notification that also though both the season and episode are single digit numbers, I always use a leading zero. This provides both numbers 2 digits in length.

An alternate to the over episode paper names, ns could additionally include the actual illustration name in the paper name. This would certainly make the document names:

John Adams - s01e01 - join or Die.mp4John Adams - s01e02 - Independence.mp4John Adams - s01e03 - Don"t Tread top top Me.mp4John Adams - s01e04 - Reunion.mp4John Adams - s01e05 - unite or Die.mp4John Adams - s01e06 - Unnecessary War.mp4John Adams - s01e07 - Peacefield.mp4All text after the season and episode numbers is optional, for this reason it can include any kind of text.

Alternatively, Plex recommends that you include the year together the collection name, yet I have had no worries excluding the year. For "John Adams", the filenames would certainly be:

John Adams (2008) - s01e01 - join or Die.mp4John Adams (2008) - s01e02 - Independence.mp4John Adams (2008) - s01e03 - Don"t Tread on Me.mp4John Adams (2008) - s01e04 - Reunion.mp4John Adams (2008) - s01e05 - hold together or Die.mp4John Adams (2008) - s01e06 - Unnecessary War.mp4John Adams (2008) - s01e07 - Peacefield.mp4I usage the file names in my an initial example, i beg your pardon just consists of the TV present name v the season and also episode numbers. That course, friend are free to select which naming convention you choose best.

Date-based TV shows

For shows that space date-based, the file naming convention is a small different. The framework of the record name would certainly look like:

ShowName-YYYY-MM-DD.extorShowName-DD-MM-YYYY.extBoth file names save on computer the date of the show. The YYYY is the 4 digit year, the MM is the two-digit month and the DD is the 2 digit day.

You deserve to use various separators because that the date such together spaces (YYYY MM DD) or periods (YYYY.MM.DD).

TV display folder structure

With the assorted media varieties that have the right to be played by Plex, the is finest if each content type is save on computer in its own folder. This means your TV present files would be in a separate folder from her movies.

The easiest technique is to simply develop folder dubbed "tv shows" that will contain all your TV present files. This folder deserve to be located anywhere, yet in my instance let"s assume it is off the source folder:

/tv showsWithin this folder friend will create a subfolder for each TV present series.

/tv mirrors /John AdamsJust favor the paper names, friend can additionally include the year in the folder name:

/tv reflects /John Adams (2008)You can also include one of two people the TVDB or The MovieDB i would number within the TV display folder name. This help to mitigate the possibilities of no finding the exactly metadata because that the movie.

For example, the folder surname for "John Adams" would certainly be:


John Adams tvdb 81547 or man Adams (2008) tvdb 81547TMDB:

John Adams tmdb 15114 or john Adams (2008) tmdb 15114After the TV show name folder, you would then develop a subfolder because that each season of the show.

For miniseries (like "John Adams"), there would certainly be one season. For regular shows, girlfriend would simply increment the season number.

In mine example, ns would have the complying with season folder structure:

/tv mirrors /John Adams /Season 01You will notification once again there is a top zero come ensure the season number is two digits. This helps as soon as ordering the folders in alphabetic order.

Within the season folder I will copy the episode files.

The whole folder structure for the "John Adams" miniseries would certainly look like the complying with on my tough drive:

/tv mirrors /John Adams /Season 01 /John Adams - s01e01.mp4 /John Adams - s01e02.mp4 /John Adams - s01e03.mp4 /John Adams - s01e04.mp4 /John Adams - s01e05.mp4 /John Adams - s01e06.mp4 /John Adams - s01e07.mp4

Television specials

A TV present can additionally have a unique episode, an interpretation the illustration isn"t component of the standard season.

Special episode papers are ar in a season zero, or a "specials" folder. The illustration number might be discovered in TheTVDB.

If that isn"t discovered there, you deserve to just usage a false episode number. Because the number is false, over there won"t be any kind of metadata for the episode.

The tv display naming convention and folder structure for tv specials is:

/tv shows /ShowName /Season 00 or /Specials /ShowName - s00eXX.ext

TV show episodes break-up over lot of files

TV display episodes the are break-up over multiple documents can be played as a solitary episode.

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To to organize a solitary episode end multiple files, you would use the following naming convention:

ShowName - sNNeXX - SplitName.extThe "SplitName" value deserve to be one of (replace the "X" with the component number):


In my example, if episode 2 that "John Adams" was split over two files, the folder and document structure would certainly be:

/tv reflects /John Adams /Season 01 /John Adams - s01e02 - pt1.mp4 /John Adams - s01e02 - pt2.mp4Ensuring the Plex TV present naming conventions are complied with ensures that the correct metadata is downloaded. If you follow the advice and also examples above, it should make maintaining your television reflects in your Plex Media Server easy.