In Tim Burton"s world of the Apes... What is up with the final scene? It was my favorite scene in the movie yet is there in reality a plausible explanation for it?

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It"s not Lincoln.

It"s basic Thade

From the wikia

...Leo had actually returned to planet in his own time just to discover technologically-advanced apes in charge and also a large statue the Thade in ar of Abraham Lincoln on the Lincoln Memorial whereby it to be written:


How Thade accomplished his trip to earth isn"t explained, despite an insert in the DVD release said that he took Leo Davidson"s crashed spacepod, saw a suggest earlier in Earth"s background and ended up being a prominent leader in an ape uprising. In contrast, Dark steed Comics" The human being War suggested that he died in disgrace on Ashlar. His disappearance can possibly have been assumed on his house planet to be a sign of weakness. The ending was plan to form the basis of a movie sequel, plans for which were shortly abandoned.

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