People with an Enneagram form 6 personality have tendency to be engaging, hard-working, and responsible in your behavior. They want to feeling safe and tend to be pertained to with exterior threats. Castle are very loyal and want to construct close relationships through others.

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Basic Desire

The most straightforward desire that the Enneagram form 6 is to feeling secure, which castle are likely to seek through commitment to others. Castle work difficult to construct strong, secure relationships. Sixes desire to feel the they deserve to truly to trust others to support them.

Though civilization who recognize as a form 6 worth such solid loyalty, they might have difficulty trusting others and also defend themselves by projecting their very own feelings, confident or negative.

Basic Fear

The simple fear of the form 6 is shedding their an individual support and also stability. They typically crave predictable, for sure environments. Sixes have tendency to have an “expect the worst, hope because that the best,” mentality. They might express this fear by overthinking decision-making.


In summary, Enneagram 6 characters tend to...

Seek security and stability indigenous othersFear losing their support systemsWork hard and act responsiblyProject your feelings in difficult timesValue loyalty and trust in relationships

Enneagram 6 Strengths

Every personality archetype has strengths and blind spots, and these room often enhanced in expert settings whereby we often encounter a diverse group of human being with vastly various backgrounds and value systems.


Strengths that are typically associated with the Enneagram 6 personality include...

Making responsible and practical choicesHonoring commitments come people and also plansProtecting and caring for othersRecognizing and thinking around other perspectivesAbility to think about both logic and emotion

Enneagram 6 Weaknesses


Weaknesses that space typically linked with the Enneagram 6 personality include...

Difficulty managing anxious thoughtsTendency to mean the worst result or be pessimisticFearing necessary or significant life decisionsHigh levels of self-doubt and insecurity

Enneagram 6 Growth


Growth methods that space typically connected with the Enneagram 6 personality include...

Understanding the boundaries of their controlAvoiding magnifying or dramatizing problemsDeveloping a trust in themselves and also their abilitiesFocusing on what has gone well, fairly than anticipating failure
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How Enneagram 6 individualities like come work


Communicating v an Enneagram 6Help castle to feeling safe and comfortable share by listening and also offering support.
Meeting through an Enneagram 6Abide by a booked meeting time and be supportive and also encouraging.
Emailing an Enneagram 6Explain the purpose directly and practically, staying clear of small-talk.
Giving feedback to an Enneagram 6Keep feedback on the gentler side; refer encouragements and constructive criticism.
Resolving conflict with one Enneagram 6Calmly and logically attend to the situation and also your very own point-of-view; assist sixes to feel safe and secure when expressing themselves.

Enneagram 6 Motivations

When civilization experience pain, stress, or dissatisfaction, it deserve to usually be attributed to energy-draining activities. Therefore, it’s necessary to recognize what type of activities energize every personality kind and which activities drain them.

Enneagram 6s have tendency to be motivated and also energized by...

Consistent and trustworthy relationshipsOffering aid and help to othersAdvocating for an individual beliefs and also valuesTime spent with human being they love

Enneagram 6 Stress

Enneagram 6s tend to it is in stressed and also drained by...

Unreliable people and relationshipsNegativity in their occupational or an individual environmentFeeling as though they aren’t neededFailing or make the not correct decision

Enneagram 6 Careers

Type Sixes tend to flourish in atmospheres that worth their abilities and offer castle security. They gain stable work-related that enables them to develop solid relationships and make safe, well-thought-out decisions.

Enneagram 6s feeling energized at job-related when...

They room safe and also supportedTheir ceo trusts and also appreciates their inputTheir peers take the moment to affix with castle personallyTheir straight reports appreciate their suggestions

Enneagram 6s feel drained at occupational when...

They feel like the work atmosphere is inconsistent or unstableTheir boss criticizes your suggestionsTheir peers room unpredictable or emotionally overwhelmingTheir straight reports room unreliable or lazy

Sixes are pragmatic and also trustworthy. They room hardworking, dedicating us to a reason until the an extremely end.

Common work for world with Enneagram 6 personality types
ParalegalBankerProfessorAdministrative AssistantPolice OfficerNurseCaregiver
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Enneagram 6 relationship (Professional)

When type Sixes occupational alongside human being who are more optimistic and idealistic, they have the right to be supportive, practical colleagues. If they work-related with another Six, castle will most likely need to consciously consider the positive and avoid becoming too worried about the risks when do decisions.

Enneagram 6s have tendency to job-related well v others who...

Are stable and also predictableShare appreciation because that their tough workAvoid gift overly emotional as soon as making decisions

Enneagram 6s might hit obstacles in skilled relationships as soon as they...

Focus as well intensely on the an adverse aspects of a situationReact strongly once someone renders the dorn decisionFeel not important or unnecessary come coworkers

Enneagram 6 relationships (Romantic)

Type Sixes can be practical, loyal partners, specifically when with someone who an ext free-spirited and also idealistic. When in a relationship with an additional Six, they avoid overwhelming or stressing one other by concentrating on the positive aspects of an issue.

In a romantic relationship, Enneagram 6s lug strengths like...

Making balanced, thoughtful decisionsDedication to working through challenging issuesUnwavering loyalty to your partner

In romantic relationships, Enneagram 6s may have actually trouble...

Remaining patience in tense discussionsFacing difficult, necessary decisionsLetting go of unhealthy relationships

Famous examples of Enneagram 6s

Ben Affleck


David Sedaris


Tom Hanks


Joe Biden


Ellen Degeneres


Nora Ephron


Diana, Princess of Wales


David Letterman


Johnny Carson


J.R.R. Tolkien



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