Well, I got to Cliaban Rilag, I found a item for the war, a standard, you have actually a vision the his brothers talking v Waidwen, and Edér get"s angry because you can"t listen what they are talking about, so the search ends v Edér disappointed because he was not able to discover out why his brother dealt with for the other side. ns combed the whole area looking for the standard. Wherein is it. Eder is no much longer seeing anything.:warplate2: North/ NE IIRC, close to a tent. You must activate sneak setting to view it additionally I think.

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The search ends there but at any suggest aftrwards if girlfriend let Eder die, you"ll get a quest failed message. So perhaps it will certainly reach resolution in ~ another point in the game, ns don"t know, that felt really unsatisfactory. Maybe that was the point? perhaps they want to do you feeling what Eder feels, in search of answers however able to discover none. The very same thing happens v Aloth. His quest is done but message shows up when that dies.Also you have the right to go ago to city archives and also talk with male there. And also Edér will certainly say the we have to go come Cliaban Rilag, and also standard again will show up in the soil there. And also so on by circle, even when pursuit is done. Appears there room a many bugs related to companions quests.
where ns I combed the totality area in search of the standard. Wherein is it. Eder is no longer seeing anything. North/ NE IIRC, near a tent. You have to activate sneak mode to view it additionally I think. thanks, I acquired a search update now to uncover a ciper in pair Elms.

You have actually a special discussion after a details event prior to the very last area that the game. That seems just a handful of personalities have a distinct dialogue after that interaction. Eder, Aloth, and Kana. Possibly Durance to, yet I"m not sure.

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As i was acquiring close to the ar where you space apparently an alleged to discover the search item, Eder stated something about spotting something steel near the boat. Then I had actually the encounter through the looters and killed them. The only interactable point was a long object under the tent and whatever the looters" bodies had. Nobody of them held the pursuit item. I have actually been combing the area close to the boat and I carry out not see an additional interactable object. Walk I acquire bugged?
The two mercenaries are unrelated. Lock usually assault as soon as you come too close.And it"s a camp website with a tent, no a boat. (The boat is much more to the south.)What items are found in your search items Stash section?What does the journal about Eder"s search say?
I may have encountered an even much more stupid bug! I gained the search from Eder, then saw the archives, gained the dialog v Eder. Here"s the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥: i can"t see the location on the map! It an alleged to be seen, greyed the end on the map! This is maddening! :(
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