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Job Description
Health is everything. In ~ CVS Health, we space committed to increasing patient access to care, lowering costs and also improving the top quality of care. Millions of times a day, we’re helping people on their route to far better health— indigenous advising patient on your prescriptions to help them regulate their chronic and also specialty conditions. Due to the fact that we’re present in so many moments, huge and small, we have an active, supportive function in shaping the future of health care. Pharmacy Technicians are at the forefront of our objective as they deliver compassionate treatment to our countless patients every day.

Come sign up with our team of committed and caring Pharmacy Technicians who show our core worths of Accountability, Caring, Collaboration,Innovation and Integrity in whatever they perform in ours pharmacies every day. Even if it is you are new to working in pharmacies or room an knowledgeable Pharmacy Technician, we have actually a place for you on our team to use your skills and talents to serve and care for our patients and also customers.

The Pharmacy Technician position provides individuals through an chance to job-related in a leading sleeve pharmacy agency and in a function that positively effects the lives and health that others. Friend will work in an environment where the highest professional and ethical standards are maintained as well as full compliance through all Federal, State and also Local laws and regulations. Pharmacy Technicians take important steps come ensure every medication needs and also regulatory compliance standards are met because that our patients and they show ethical conduct and also maintain patience confidentiality at every times.

Success for incumbents in this function includes being able to control all assigned pharmacy workstations and also tasks to support the team’s capability to promptly, safely and accurately fill patient prescriptions every while offering caring organization that exceeds customer expectations. If you like working in fast-paced environments and demonstrating compassionate, genuine treatment for patients and also customers, this job is because that you!

As a new Pharmacy Technician, girlfriend are forced to complete substantial CVS Pharmacy Technician cultivate Program as well as satisfy every registration, licensing and certification requirements according to her State’s plank of Pharmacy guidelines. Your Pharmacy Technician duties will be limited by her manager at very first until you finish all crucial requirements. As soon as you satisfy all requirements and expand her Pharmacy Technician duties, you have actually the chance to proceed to develop your clinical, technical and insurance knowledge and also expertise through leveraging available tools and also training to develop your pharmacy career.

Are you ready to help people on their path to far better health? us are all set to have actually you join our team and assist you on your career course to accomplish your goals!

Please keep in mind in select markets the collective bargaining agreement rules regarding the Pharmacy Technician would certainly apply.


The above information top top this summary has to be designed to indicate the basic nature and level of job-related performed by employees in ~ this classification. It is not designed come contain or be taken as a an extensive inventory of every duties, responsibilities and also qualifications compelled of employee assigned come this job.COVID-19 vaccination RequirementCVS wellness requires its partner in particular positions come be completely vaccinated versus COVID-19 (including any type of booster shots if required), where allowable under the law, uneven they space approved for a reasonable accommodation based on disability, medical condition, pregnancy, or religious belief that avoids them from being vaccinated.

If you are vaccinated, you are compelled to have received at the very least one COVID-19 shot prior to your first day the employment and to administer proof of your vaccination status within the first 30 days of your employment. Because that the two COVID-19 shot regimen, you will certainly be compelled to administer proof of your 2nd COVID-19 shot in ~ the very first 60 days of your employment. Fail to provide timely evidence of her COVID-19 vaccination standing will result in the discontinuation of your employment through CVS Health.If you space unable come be completely vaccinated because of disability, clinical condition, pregnancy, or spiritual belief, you will be required to apply for a reasonable accommodation in ~ the first 30 days of her employment in bespeak to stay employed with CVS Health. As a component of this process, you will be forced to provide information or documentation around the factor you cannot be vaccinated. If her request because that an accommodation is not approved, then your employment may be terminated.

Required Qualifications

Must be at the very least 16 years of age

Licensure requirements vary by state. Learn more by visiting her state’s plank of Pharmacy website or questioning the hiring manager.

Preferred Qualifications

Previous suffer in a pharmacy, retail, medical, or customer service setting.

Previous endure as a Pharmacy Technician.

National Certification from an accredited pharmacy technician certification regime approved by details state regulations (e.g. PTCB, ExCPT, etc.).


High college diploma or identical (preferred).

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Business OverviewAt CVS Health, we space joined in a typical purpose: helping world on their path to far better health. We space working to transform health treatment through developments that make quality care much more accessible, easier to use, less expensive and also patient-focused. Functioning together and also organizing approximately the individual, we are pioneering a new approach to complete health the puts people at the heart.

us strive come promote and also sustain a culture of diversity, inclusion and also belonging every day. CVS wellness is an same opportunity and also affirmative activity employer. We execute not discriminate in recruiting, hiring or promotion based on race, ethnicity, sex/gender, sexual orientation, sex identity or expression, age, impairment or defended veteran standing or on any type of other communication or characteristic prohibition by applicable federal, state, or neighborhood law. Us proudly support and encourage world with military experience (active, veterans, reservists and also National Guard) and also military pair to use for CVS health and wellness job opportunities.Apply