Join our celebration for the course of 2021 through streaming our start ceremony live ~ above Sat. Dec. 18, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. 


Join us as we check out the research jobs and an imaginative accomplishments because that the loss 2021 Student research & imagination Conference. 

During the 2021 - 2022 academic year, our Speaker series will study Policing with the Voices the Activists and Scholars, Citizens and also Victims, representatives of The justice System, and also Police.


We room proud to identify our exceptional students, employees, alumni and also friends. The is v their contributions to the campus, the University and also our neighborhoods that us live approximately our #BeGreater motto each and every day!


Penn State higher Allegheny will certainly celebrate that fall start ceremony at 11 a.m. On Saturday, Dec. 18, in the Wunderley Gymnasium.

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Current president and professor of marketing in ~ the university of Louisville will take office this spring semester.
Four pen State students, consisting of Altoona campus college student Jazzmine McCauley, presented their undergraduate study at the annual meeting because that the American society of Criminology in November.
Film significant Cecilia Koncerak will certainly serve together student marshal because that the Donald P. Bellisario university of communications during penn State beginning exercises Dec. 18 at the Bryce Jordan center on the university Park campus.

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Penn State higher Allegheny heard native Leon Ford, Michelle Kenney and Samaria Rice throughout its 2nd session that its signature program, The cross Bridges Summit. Citizens and also victims share their stories about their involvement v police and also the transforms they desire to see. 
A residential campus located 15 miles from the City the Pittsburgh, we market four-year degrees, a diverse, worldwide student body, athletics, and more.

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