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Peninsula Memorial Park, a cemetery in Newport News, Virginia, offers 100 acres of high rolling terrain, stately trees and the trademark seasonal color alters of the Virginia Peninsula. Oursoutheastern Virginia memorial park is a location where family and also friends can come to reflect in a an are of organic beauty.

An ideal resting location in Newport News

Choose the distinctive funeral option that best suits your needs. Stately trees and manicured shrubbery period the landscape in between our memorial gardens, which feature classic in-ground burial and also above-ground entombment. Interment of cremated stays marks an alternative for those who prefer cremation. We also have family estates to provide the reassurance that one central gathering location where future generations deserve to assemble to pay respects.

Our Tower of memories Chapel dates to the starting of the cemetery and contains 1 the the few Deagan Chime equipment still operating in a north American cemetery today. Every these features combine to provide a quiet and picturesque environment to honor the storage of her loved ones.

To better serve our families, we room affiliated with Parklawn-Wood Funeral house in adjacent Hampton, Virginia.

Here to offer you

Our skilled cemetery team in ~ Peninsula Memorial Park stands prepared to aid you through cemetery solutions in Newport News. We have the deep endure of nearly a century of giving substantial care come the whole Hampton roads area.

We’re proud of ours property and also the framework we make obtainable to you and your love ones in her time of need. Us invite you to schedule a tour of our memorial park"s distinctive features and also we"ll it is in happy to show you around.


On April 23, 1932, Peninsula Memorial Park came to be a reality. To mark this momentous occasion, the cornerstone was placed for the cemetery’s Tower of memories Chapel and Tower Chimes, a first for the Virginia Peninsula. From that date, the Tower that Memories has been a focal point and stability symbol to the neighboring communities. The architecture of the building reflects the rich colonial traditions of the Peninsula area.

Music come the ears

In 1992, to commemorate 60 years of heritage, the Tower of Memories and its classic Deagan Chime mechanism were fully renovated. Pews were set up in the chapel to accommodate intimate committal services. Over the years, the chimes were revitalized to original working condition—to as soon as again be easily accessible to ring for cemetery services and also special occasions.

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Continued growth and also expansion

Through the foresight that the founders, the cemetery’s original 17 acre has broadened to 100 acre of funeral property with mausoleum complexes and also accessory structures for the cemetery requirements of every the neighboring communities.