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Take a walk through a Pearson skilled Center. The collection of photos below introduces you come the physics layout of the trial and error center and also the check-in procedures.

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Photo descriptions

Enclosed proctor station has actually a complete view of well-spaced experimentation stations come observer test-takers while acquisition their exam.

Waiting room through chairs in prior of storage lockers close to the check-in station.

Woman putting purse and personal belongings into storage locker that have the right to be locked because that security.

Test facility administrator equivalent the driver license ID of trial and error candidate come candidate profile on computer screen.

Testing candidate signing his surname to digital signature pad in ~ the prior desk.

Testing candidate placing palm of his hand on peak of palm vein reader at the former desk.

Testing candidate sit in chair when test center administrator bring away digital photo of her.

Test center proctor observing candidates testing both through the attached glass proctor station and on the computer system streaming live digital video.

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