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I"ve withdrawn funds from my paypal account ago to my bank account however it hasn"t displayed up in the financial institution when it says "completed transaction" on paypal...What"s going on? Does it simply take a few days to register into my bank?Thank you for any type of reply.

Welcome to the boards!That"s correct - the withdrawal to a US bank will take 3 to 5 organization days (weekends/holidays don"t count) to finish.The status in your PayPal account will certainly switch to "Completed" well before that, though, so this is why you"re not seeing the two sync up just yet. The "completed" standing implies that we"ve deducted the funds from PayPal and sent out it on it"s means to the bank.We change the condition in this means bereason the bank does not tell us if it arrives - just if they reject the withdrawal. If that happens, we let you understand by means of email, location the funds earlier in your PayPal balance, and also readjust the condition to "Cancelled."Thanks!Adrian
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How come it doesn"t even display up that I am transferring money from my Paypal account to my banking account as pfinishing or anything. As if I have actually done nothing?

janetp -Welconcerned the boards!I would certainly recommfinish going to your History tab and then picking "All Activity (through balance)." If you do not watch a withdrawal tbelow, it sounds as if the requested deliver might not have actually been fully entered, and also as such, wasn"t initiated. If that"s the instance, use the Withattract tab to re-initiate the deliver.Thanks!Adrian

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