The best Oxygen Not contained Seeds for Every form of Player

Right now, the thought of escaping to an additional planet is just too tempting to resist, which is one of the many reasons Oxygen Not contained (ONI) is together a significant hit. Yet sometimes, as soon as you start a new colony, the earth is a dud. No geysers in ~ reach, little ore, and not a single Neural Vacillator in sight. Pfft.

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Lucky because that you, I understand the world gen seeds that will obtain you come the ideal planetoids with the most obtainable resources, so you don’t need to waste time creating brand-new worlds. Time to crash land.


First, What the flower are civilization Gen Seeds?

World Gen Seeds space the series of numbers and also letters offered to identify the civilization you spawn once you begin a brand-new game in Oxygen not Included. You probably currently know what castle are, or friend may have noticed castle when beginning a brand-new game. 

Each generated civilization has the own distinctive seed, and also there room thousands the them. Rather of randomly generating a world, girlfriend can kind in the seed and also pick your own.

Starting your colony with a random world is fun but arriving on claimed planet and also finding hardly any kind of close resources, no buildings to discover, and very little Oxylite has tendency to be a little bit of a bummer. Knowing you have actually a world map seed the has every little thing you desire is a huge time saver – no more starting, abandoning, and also restarting colonies!


ONI seeds Changes

Since the update back in November, Klei has readjusted the method ONI’s world seeds generate. Instead of a string of numbers, the seeds is broken up right into smaller sections and also mixed v letters to identify the kind of planetoid friend generate and the level of challenge you choose. 

Basically, what i’m saying is: any seeds friend had prior to November 2020 are useless.

Now, while i haven’t to be able to shot every one of the brand-new possible seeds, i have gone through a lot. After talk to a few other gamers, I discovered the best beginning seeds because that both the base video game (vanilla) and also Spaced Out! DLC. 

I’ve personally tested every seed and included a screenshot that my beginning colony as much as Cycle 8. Ns don’t want to expose too lot (Spoilers, Sweetie!), therefore this list concentrates on finding resources and buildings in the beginning, not throughout the whole map.

Do girlfriend play in Survival setting or No Sweat? Terra or Swamp? Spaced Out! or vanilla? No issue what she looking for, I’ve gained the ideal seeds for her needs.


10. SWAMP swarm – Survival 

ONI: Spaced Out! Survival, SWMP-C-80752833-0

If you looking to start a nest on the new Swamp planetoid, however you don’t desire it to be also easy, this is a an excellent seed. It has tons of polluted water, a couple of slush geysers that are quickly accessible, and a nearby Anti-Entropy Thermo Nullifier. Plus, 5 Plug Slugs beginning off gives you plenty of free power beforehand game.

What’s awesome about this seed

5 Plug SlugsClose AETN2 nearby buildingsLoads that Pacu


9. TERRA swarm – Survival 

ONI: Spaced Out!, Survival, SNDST-C-1196135558-0

This world’s resources will give you straightforward start. There is lot of of obtainable water once you an initial begin, and there are two water geysers close together in the bottom right. The Teleporter is directly over the base. 

Oh, and did i mention, friend can get to Thimble Reed Seeds and also Dreckos virtually immediately?

What’s awesome around this seed

Early accessibility to Thimble Reed SeedsDreckos by baseClose TeleporterLots the water


8. SWAMP swarm – No Sweat 

ONI: Spaced Out!, No Sweat, SWMP-C-1377382724-9G

I love maps with structures to explore, and this one has a lot within reach at an early stage on. Slush geysers on both sides of the base make water easily accessible and, IMHO, space positioned quite nicely. This map has 5 Plug slugs you can accessibility almost automatically for a an excellent source of totally free power. Litter in a hot tub, and I’m sold. 

What’s awesome around this seed

5 extra buildings5 Plug SlugsHot bathtub buildingClose AETNSlush geyser on both left and also right


7. TERRA swarm – No Sweat 

ONI: Spaced Out!, No Sweat, SNDST-C-159372816-9G

No have to worry around water in the early on game v this seed! You’ll have an ample amount of time come get collection up before your water runs low. There are additionally a couple of buildings and two Neural Vacillators. You can gain a Drecko ideal off the bat, and also there’s nearly a stupid number of Hatches (almost). There’s claimed to it is in a volcano under below. I don’t know; ns haven’t made the that much yet.

What’s awesome around this seed

2 huge buildings and 1 little buildingEarly accessibility to Thimble Reed Seeds2 Neural VacillatorsClose Dreckos, several Hatches1 cool steam vent, 1 young volcano (I guess?)


6. Buildings GALORE 

ONI: Spaced Out! Swamp Cluster, No Sweat, SWMP-C-188634310-9G

If your favorite thing to execute is explore and also inspect buildings, rummage through lockers, and find treasures, this is the map seed for you. Through six buildings (and one through a hot bathtub in it!), this map will offer you plenty to do. 

There are lots of Plug Slugs, and also the Teleport is reasonably close to the starting point. The Anti-Entropy Thermo Nullifier is just to the left, and polluted water gathers nicely below the basic with just a tiny digging.

What’s awesome about this seed

6 Buildings5 Plug SlugsClose AETNHot bath tub buildingClose Teleport


5. TERRA – No Sweat 

ONI: Automation Update, Terra, No Sweat, SNDST-A-816903536-9G

If you want to walk vanilla, here’s a an excellent start. Two large buildings to explore and tons of room for expansion makes this a an excellent place to experiment. The water have the right to be gathered in ~ the bottom quickly, and there are Dreckos nearby.

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What’s awesome about this seed

2 large buildingsLots the waterClose DreckosEasy basic organization



ONI: Automation Update, Oceania, No Sweat, OCAN-A-1023661434-9G

Oceania is comparable to Terra, through pockets of saltwater transparent the planetoid. This details seed has the ‘Geodes’ and ‘Magma Channels’ modifiers, so you room guaranteed a good supply of magma and ore. Over there is a herbal Gas geyser fairly close come the base on the right and a gaggle the Pokeshells ~ above the top left of the map just waiting to be tamed. 

What’s awesome about this seed:

Natural Gas geyserLots of bright Bugs and PokeshellsClose Thimble Reed Seeds and also Dusk CapsGeodes and Magma Channels



ONI: Automation Update, Rime, No Sweat, S-FRZ-1878464554-9G

Starting a swarm on Rime is tricky v its cold temperatures, therefore you’ll need to build fast. This map has actually quick access to some buildings that might just acquire you some warm sweaters. Usage the herds that Hatches together your food source, and also make sure to utilize all the light Bugs! 

What’s awesome about this seed:

Tons of shine Bugs and also Hatches3 near buildingsEasy come organizeGeodes, volcano Activity, and also Irregular Oil modifiers



ONI: Automation Update, Verdante, No Sweat, LUSH-A-344592808-9G

Verdante is among my favorite human beings to play on. This seed has the Geodes and Metal well-off modifiers, so friend will find plenty the ore and all the other stuff girlfriend need. Friend just have actually to address the little and large boulders that spawn with it. 

There is only one Pip, which (to me) is a vast plus. They have the right to be a good resource but likewise extremely annoying, thus having actually only one or two is ideal. There is additionally a building to check out off to the right. 

No need to worry around lights early on here. Light Bugs space everywhere!

What’s awesome around this seed:

SO. MANY. Bright BUGS.Building top top the right1 Pip Geodes and Metal wealthy modifiersSmall and big Boulders modifiers



1. My FAVE 

ONI: Spaced Out! No Sweat, Terra Cluster, SNDST-C-1425842064-9G

This is my favourite seed indigenous the brand-new update (so far). It has actually two water geysers close to the base: one above and one listed below your starting point, do them simple to access and control. The Teleporter is directly above the beginning point, and also there room two structures you can see before you also start digging.

If you want a chill, fun, rapid start in Spaced Out!, this is the seed for you. 

What’s awesome about this seed:

Close TeleporterClose Neural Vacillator2 yes, really close buildingsPlenty of starting water & polluted waterLots that Hatches and also Dreckos