How to develop a SOTD pure?2.1. Stats2.1.1. Magic2.1.2. Attack2.1.3. Prayer2.1.4. Strenght2.1.5. Construction2.2. Quests2.2.1. Advantageous Quests2.2.2. Rise Boots2.2.3. Bearhead2.2.4. Old Books2.2.5. Dragon Longsword2.2.6. Mithril Gloves2.3. Items2.3.1. Toxicity SOTD2.3.2. Zamorak Cape2.3.3. Occult Necklace2.3.4. Tome that fire2.3.5. Rune Pouch2.3.6. Halo

How to pk ~ above a SOTD pure?3.1. Equipment3.2. Strategy3.3. Bounty Hunter

Chapter 1: What is a SOTD pure?A SOTD (Staff the The Dead) pure is a very unique account. Specially made come pk players and making insane money. The combat level depends on her hp level yet is about 55. Girlfriend will be able to hit 37 through a toxicity SOTD. It's all around out lasting your enemies food (hitting the TB & Entangle). Make sure to check out everything prior to you start. A SOTD pure is only for members.

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Chapter 2: how to construct a SOTD pure?2.1. StatsBeware, the just combat ability you can train manually is Attack and also gaining hitpoints experience. For quest bosses and pking you have the right to use magic. Get some hp levels and shot to perform quests as quickly as possible.

2.1.1. MagicThe best method to start leveling a SOTD pure is by training our Magic skill. A high Magic level will provide us with a great way to kill high level quest targets and the capability to teleport to save time. Not to mentions very an effective spells including: Teleport Block, Entangle, God Spells, and old Magic spells. The magic level have to be 81. This can be boosted with Magic potions (+4).

From 1-25 stay a full Iron Set, stole boots and also a Cursed Goblin Staff. (Can it is in bought in Draynor village from Diego.) 'Splash' the next spells on a level 2 npc:Air strike 1 - 3Confuse 3 - 11Weaken 11 - 19Curse 19 - 25From 25-55 buy law runes and also spamclick teleport to the greatest location available.Varrock Teleport 25 - 31Lumbridge Teleport 31 - 37Falador Teleport 37 - 45Camelot Teleport 45 - 55From 55-81 discover a good item and also start alching it.High Level Alchemy 55 - 81

2.1.2. AttackI introduce doing every quest that offers Attack and Strenght (See 2.1.4.) experience first. This will gain you over 40 attack. Also shot to get as plenty of quest items as possible. This will assist you during training. ~ you've done all quests you have the right to start training assault manually. Make sure to usage Super Attack and also Super Strengt potions. Ns recommend maintain at absent Crabs or Sand Crabs. Always use special attack and don't forget to upgrade your weapon. The goal below is to get 75 attack to wield a SOTD.Rune Scimitar (40) > Brine sabre (40) > Dragon longsword (60)> Abyssal Whip (70)

2.1.3. PrayerStay at level 1 prayer as i don't see use for it. This keeps her combat low.

2.1.4. StrenghtOnly perform Waterfall Quest and also Horror from the Deep. This gives a full of level 33 toughness which is essential for strike training.

2.1.5. ConstructionGet yourself 50 Construction. This enables you come teleport, recharge prayer and bank faster.

2.2. QuestsDoing pursuits on a SOTD pure is necessary. A full of XX quest points is essential to produce a successful SOTD pure account. You should start off through doing some easy searches to acquire some early on combat levels. I recommend doing every quest detailed below. Maybe you should get some hp level first.

2.2.1. Valuable QuestsWaterfall Quest+13,750 toughness experience+13,750 strike experience

Vampire Slayer+4,825 attack experience

Fight Arena+12,175 attack experience

Tree Gnome Village+11,450 strike experience

The grand Tree+18,400 strike experience+7,900 Agility experience+2,150 Magic experience

2.2.2. Climbing BootsDeath PlateauAbility come purchase and wear climb boots. They offer +2 toughness bonus and also require no Defence level come wear.+3,000 strike experience

2.2.3. BearheadMountain DaughterDo not complete this quest! when you gained the Bearhead, leave. The has amongst the highest stats because that a helmet that requires level 1 Defence. Execute not shed the head as you cannot acquire a new one before completing the pursuit - requiring friend to gain 2,000 prayer experience.

2.2.4. Old BooksHorror native the DeepI recommend acquiring a decent hp and also magic level before you begin this quest. This unlocks Acient Books and is compelled for training and also pking.+4662.5 Magic experience+4662.5 strength experience+4662.5 Ranged experience

The DigsitePreviously granted the ability to choose the publication of darkness after completion of horror from the Deep.

2.2.5. Dragon LongswordLost CityAbility to buy and also wield dragon longswords and dragon daggers (with level 60 Attack). This speeds up the training.

2.2.6. Mithril GlovesRecipe for catastrophe (RfD)Mithril gloves that can be bought after perfect of 5 sub-quests the the RfD quest. Beware, Combat Bracelet has much better stats yet is more expensive come pk with. Sub-quests essential to complete:* helping the cook* releasing the mountain dwarf* releasing the goblins* freeing evil dave* freeing skrach uglogwee* releasing pirate pet

2.3. Items2.3.1. Toxic SOTDA toxic SOTD requires 75 attack and also 75 magic come wield. The staff is charged through Zulrah's scales. Players using combat spells once wielding the staff have actually a 25% chance of inflicting gift on your opponent.

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2.3.2. Zamorak CapeThe Zamorak cape is a reward indigenous the Mage Arena minigame. The Zamorak cape and the Zamorak employee are compelled to cast the assignment Charge, which enables the player come hit up to 50% greater damage with the Flames of Zamorak god spell.