S1 · E2 · The locations You Have involved Fear the Most

30 Sep 2003

Lucas blows his very first Varsity game and also decides to quit the... More

S1 · E3 · space You True?

7 Oct 2003

Frustrated through Lucas' cultivation popularity at school, Nathan... More

S1 · E4 · Crash right into You

14 Oct 2003

Haley convinces Lucas come go with the team to an after-party... More

S1 · E5 · All the You Can't leave Behind (aka wherein I End and also You Begin)

21 Oct 2003

Lucas asks Keith come play through him in the annual "Father and... More

S1 · E6 · Every Night Is another Story

28 Oct 2003

When Whitey throw Lucas and also Nathan turn off the bus due to their... More

S1 · E7 · Life in a Glass House

4 Nov 2003

On the night of Dan and also Deb's yearly basketball appreciation... More

S1 · E8 · The find for miscellaneous More

11 Nov 2003

Looking for part fun, Brooke and Peyton crash a college... More

S1 · E9 · v Arms Outstretched

18 Nov 2003

After fighting with his father and also Haley, Nathan succumbs to... More

S1 · E10 · friend Gotta go There come Come Back

20 jan 2004

After Whitey cancels basketball practice, Brooke convinces... More

S1 · E11 · The life Years

27 jan 2004

Unable to take care of the pressure from Dan, Nathan decides to... More

S1 · E12 · Crash food in Polite Conversations

3 Feb 2004

After Peyton receives the devastating news the her father... More

S1 · E13 · Hanging through A Moment

10 Feb 2004

Aside from a love for hoops, it would seem that Lucas and... More

S1 · E14 · i Shall Believe

17 Feb 2004

While holding a vigil in ~ Lucas' bedside as he lays in a... More

S1 · E15 · Suddenly every little thing Has Changed

24 Feb 2004

After his near-death experience, Lucas decides he made the... More

S1 · E16 · The very first Cut is the Deepest

2 Mar 2004

Nathan need to decide which parent to live v after the... More

S1 · E18 · to Wish difficult Things

13 Apr 2004

Lucas, Nathan and Jake are auctioned turn off to the highest... More

S1 · E19 · How deserve to You it is in Sure?

20 Apr 2004

Lucas should make a complicated decision regarding Brooke. Haley... More

S1 · E20 · What Is and also What must Never Be

27 Apr 2004

While Nathan looks because that an after-school project to salary his rent,... More

S1 · E21 · The leaving Song

4 may 2004

Lucas is shocked to learn that Dan when asked Karen for... More

S1 · E22 · The gamings That play Us

11 may 2004

Lucas and Nathan be affected by each other the brunt of Dan's abuse as he coaches... More

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S1 · E4 · Crash right into YouI’ve searched anywhere for this tune it doesn’t have any words in the display it’s simply the... More
S1 · E22 · The gamings That...I've been searching for a song. It's ~ jake leaves. It's the text painted ~ above Peyton's... More
S1 · E20 · What Is and What...

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The tune in 26.44 while Brooke have much more beer at the party and Peyton speak to her about Nicki. More




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