THIS IS one ANIME ONLY conversation POST. Do NOT comment on THE MANGA past THIS EPISODE.----------------------------------------I have gotten to the suggest where I have the right to ironically gain this. Garou looks for this reason god cursed awful, and also the animation is for this reason lame the it's bloody hilarious.

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Metal Bat vs Garou yet it looks favor Zenko (Metal Bat's sister) interrupted it. Heh, too bad.Looks like we acquired the at sight Fight competition contestants introduced now and oh boy, that's a many talent. Lol, Saitama got booed ~ above stage. We even got part fighting in the tournament now. Hello Monster Princess:o


Dang that was a letdown, contrasted to ep 3's Tank optimal V Garou.Metal Bat V Garou was.... Nice weak come say the least, ns remember enjoying this in the manga way more, the computer animation was just a complete on loop, practically all their jabs were repeat frames with shakey+blur yeah, really didn't reap this episode, however heck at least Fubuki's still smexy! in its entirety the ep was underwhelming.

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Oof, steel Knight looks the worst through that metal gradient since he's all metal, lol. Also, Garou vs. Metal Bat was incredibly underwhelming. Most likely 5 seconds of an excellent animation cut at most. The content itself was great though. It's cool to view Garou provide up ~ above the fight once someone unrelated interferes. Garou's intentionally is come beat increase heroes (and villains), however he doesn't have true evil intentions. He simply wants come prove that he's the strongest, i beg your pardon he plainly can't be.CGI centipede still looks really good. What yes, really helps is adding smear effects to a CGI object, which makes it fit through the 2D animation. Well, we lastly start the tournament. Genos clapping though, go he program himself to clap in the rhythmic manner? XDSaitama Charanko is OP together expected, Genos requirements to head to fight already, and Suiryu discovered an exciting opponent for himself, the he probably shouldn't try fighting.Overall, meh episode. Speed still feel slower than it should. Will it yes, really cover upto thing 84 by this season? Well, quiet 125+ pages adapted in this episode, therefore that's quiet the normal pace. It's just that it felt like they could've adapted one much more chapter and also end the episode off at a much more hype note. And the animation was the weakest that the season so far, i m sorry is disappointing since Metal Bat vs. Garou was an alleged to be among Garou's finest fight.