Fans that ABC’s fanciful retelling of classic fairy tales, Once top top a Time, have actually watched together Regina Mills (otherwise recognized as the angry Queen) has morphed from Storybrooke’s ruthless mayor right into a surprising ally and unexpected friend… every while (spoiler alert!) trying come reconcile the dark and light political parties within her. If you anything favor us, you’ve regularly wondered just how Regina grew into her angry Queen persona. Sure, we’ve had actually glimpses right into Regina’s childhood top top the show… however what about her teenage years? Thankfully, a brand-new novel aims to answer that an extremely question.

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Written by Wendy Toliver, Once top top a Time: Regina Rising complies with the adventures the 16-year-old Regina—a girl very different from the woman known by pan of the series. She seeks romance, adventure, and approval. Yet getting approval native a mother like Cora is virtually impossible. For Regina, friendships have constantly been a rarely commodity. Has actually Regina finally found a true friend? Or is the just one more illusion? together Regina struggles to uncover her own identity and also create her very own destiny, she discovers that her fate can just it is in to become everything she despises. newly spoke through Wendy (who also wrote the an initial book in the Once ~ above a Time series, Red’s Untold Tale) around what renders this new story so unique—and whereby it fits in the OUAT universe. thanks for chatting v us, Wendy! very first off, why perform you think this is crucial story come tell Once ~ above a Time fans?

Wendy Toliver (WT): Regina is certainly a favorite of OUAT fans, who either love her—or love to dislike her! The much more we know about a character, the deeper expertise we have around the specific decisions—whether us deem castle “good” or “bad”—she renders along her journey. We come to be invested in that character, and can’t wait because that the next episode come air, or to rotate the web page in the book and also find out what happens next. Ns hope Regina Rising offers a riveting look right into the teenager years that the evil Queen. You’ve written a Once upon a Time publication before… What about Regina’s personality made girlfriend interested in returning to this world?

WT: one of the numerous things ns love around OUAT is how complex its personalities are (kudos and also respect come its creators, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, and the entire OUAT team!)… and also no one, in my opinion, is more complex than Regina. There is always something up her sleeve! One thing I check out her longing because that season ~ season is true friendship (even if she might not recognize it), and also so I determined to look ago to her teenager years to find why she find trusting people to it is in so difficult. In addition, I want to explore 16-year-old Regina’s relationships through her parents and the dynamics of her community. As a teenager, she still has much to experience and learn, but her cunning is in ~ the ready—and i hope readers reap Regina Rising as lot as I delighted in writing it! We’ve seen few of Regina’s previous before; where does the fit in to this certain story? What timeline space we feather into?

WT: Regina is 16 for this novel; however, favor the series, over there are numerous flashbacks, so you’ll acquire glimpses right into her childhood together well. She rides equines with her father, but Daniel Colter has not yet involved work in their stables. She knows who the young Princess eye is, yet they haven’t official met. Her sorceress mother, Cora, has magic, however Regina has not yet experienced it. a deeper understanding of Regina’s battle between she inner-hero and also inner-villain.

See more: Punch Needle And Primitive Stitcher Magazine, Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine Hmm… intriguing! will certainly we see any kind of of Regina’s other fairytale girlfriend featured in the book?

WT: You sure will! In enhancement to Regina’s parents, Henry and Cora, and also her beloved steed, Rocinante; you’ll see Snow White, Queen Eva, King Leopold, and a tiny “cameo” by Granny, to surname a few. I’m excited to introduce some wonderful (and wonderfully dreadful) brand-new characters, as well!

Once ~ above a Time: Regina Rising is available now in a bookstore close to you and at your favorite online retailer.


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