It’s always Mickey mouse this, Mickey mouse that. But as every truly sussed civilization know, the squeaky-voiced rodent no the genuine star, Donald Duck is! this day is Donald Duck Day, so let’s gain quacking with the celebrations…


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Donald’s date of birth is in march 13. He to be born top top a Friday…

2. Donald’s center name is ‘Fauntleroy’. Really.

3. the rumoured the Donald Duck gained his surname from a headline around Don Bradman gift dismissed for a duck while on a united state cricket tourism in 1932.

4. Donald is 6 years younger 보다 that hoary old Mickey Mouse.

5. Donald’s girlfriend is Daisy Duck, although before she came along he had actually a dalliance with Donna Duck. Despite their surnames, none are related.

6. His nephews are Huey, Dewey and also Louie, and his nieces room April, May and also June.

7. Donald has a twin sister, called Della (although she’s sometimes referred to together Thelma or Dumbella). She to be an astronaut, the peril of i m sorry is why she gave custody the her boys to she brother.

8. Donald was created as Walt Disney wanted a character who wasn’t as relentlessly positive as Mickey Mouse.

9. Donald’s onscreen debut was together a quite bouncy to dance duck in 1934’s animated quick The Wise tiny Hen.

10. Donald’s heat in nautical attire isn’t just for show. At assorted times he’s been a member that both the U.S. Navy and U.S. Army. He to be retired honourably from active service at a distinct ceremony and also parade in 1984.

11. One man, Clarence Nash, provided Donald his unique voice for 50 years. He meticulously trained his successor, Tony Anselmo, that is likewise a Disney animator.

12. Donald has showed up in an ext feature-length movie than any other Disney personality – seven in all. Therefore “Nyahh!”, Mickey!

13. Donald score an Oscar in 1943, for the wartime anti-Nazi animated quick Der Feuhrer’s Face.


14. Donald ultimately received a star top top the Hollywood walk of reputation in 2005.

15. Donald is the all-time most published rwcchristchurchappeal.comic publication character (that isn’t a superhero).

16. Donald is a mascot because that the U.S. Coast Guard…


17. over there is one asteroid – or minor earth – named after Donald. It’s number 12410.

18. The SEGA MegaDrive video game Quackshot (or I Love Donald Duck in Japan) was much better than Mickey Mouse’s Castle the Illusion.

19: we unofficially do the world’s absolutely worst Donald Duck impersonation, trying rwcchristchurchappeal.come spit the end “Aww, phooey!” but just typically sounding choose we need somebody to carry out the Heimlich on us.

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20. Donald Duck was our favourite record artist as a young kid. We still have actually his album…