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Book description

Object-Oriented Data frameworks Using Java, fourth Edition presents traditional data structures and object-oriented topics with focus on problem-solving, theory, and also software design principles.

Table that contents

1 getting Organized 1.1 Classes, Objects, and also Applications 1.2 organizing Classes 1.3 Exceptional instances 1.4 Data frameworks 1.5 basic Structuring mechanisms 1.6 compare Algorithms: bespeak of Growth analysis 2 The ridge ADT 2.1 Abstraction 2.2 The stack 2.3 Collection elements 2.4 The Stack interface 2.5 Array-Based ridge Implementations 2.6 Application: balanced Expressions 2.7 introduction to connected Lists 2.8 A Link-Based ridge 2.9 Application: Postfix Expression Evaluator 2.10 ridge Variations 3 Recursion 3.1 Recursive Definitions, Algorithms, and also Programs 3.2 The Three inquiries 3.3 Recursive handling of Arrays 3.4 Recursive processing of connected Lists 3.5 Towers 3.6 Fractals 3.7 removing Recursion 3.8 once to use a Recursive systems 4 The Queue ADT 4.1 The Queue 4.2 The Queue user interface 4.3 Array-Based Queue Implementations 4.4 an Interactive test Driver 4.5 Link-Based Queue Implementations 4.6 Application: Palindromes 4.7 Queue variations 4.8 Application: median Waiting Time 4.9 Concurrency, Interference, and also Synchronization 5 The repertoire ADT 5.1 The Collection interface 5.4 compare Objects Revisited 5.5 Sorted Array-Based collection Implementation 5.6 Link-Based repertoire Implementation 5.7 repertoire Variations 6 The list ADT 6.1 The List user interface 6.2 list Implementations 6.3 Applications: map Deck and Games 6.4 Sorted Array-Based perform Implementation 6.5 perform Variations 6.6 Application: big Integers 7 The Binary search Tree ADT 7.1 tree 7.2 Binary search Trees 7.3 The Binary find Tree user interface 7.5 Iterative matches Recursive technique Implementations 7.6 The Implementation Level: staying Observers 7.7 The Implementation Level: Transformers 7.8 Binary search Tree performance 7.9 Application: indigenous Frequency counter 7.10 Tree variations 8 The Map ADT 8.2 Map Implementations 8.4 Hashing 8.5 Hash features 8.6 A Hash-Based Map 8.7 Map sports 9 The Priority Queue ADT 9.1 The Priority Queue interface 9.2 Priority Queue Implementations 9.4 The Heap Implementation 10 The Graph ADT 10.3 Implementations the Graphs 10.4 Application: Graph Traversals 11 Sorting and Searching Algorithms 11.1 Sorting 11.2 basic Sorts 11.3 O(N log2N) species 11.4 much more Sorting Considerations 11.5 looking

Product information

Title: Object-Oriented Data frameworks Using Java, 4th Edition Author(s): Dale relax date: September 2016 Publisher(s): Jones & Bartlett learning ISBN: 9781284089103


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