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optimal 5 schools in this ar ratings in between 1-4 signal “below average” 5-6 indicate “average” ratings that 7-10 space “above average”

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these are some of the top-rated public schools in Oak Creek Franklin Joint school District based upon a variety of measures, including academic performance and also equity. Uncover out an ext about rwcchristchurchappeal.com ratings.
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Students at many of the schools in this district are making about the same scholastic progress as the state average.

rwcchristchurchappeal.com Student development Rating

The Student progression Rating actions whether students in ~ this institution are making scholastic progress over time based on student expansion data listed by the room of Education. Specifically, this rating looks at how much progression individual students have made ~ above state assessments during the previous year or more, how this power aligns with expected progress based upon a student expansion model developed by the state room of Education, and how this school's growth data compare to other schools in the state. The growth Rating was created using 2019 Student expansion data native Wisconsin room of Education.

Source: rwcchristchurchappeal.com; this rating to be calculated in 2020 | watch more: around this rating

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academic summary
Is this district offering chance for every its students, or leaving some kids behind? effective districts are working come nearby the success gap.

English Language Arts, Math, Science, society Studies

In 2018-2019, Wisconsin administered the Wisconsin forward Exam. The exam is designed come gauge exactly how well students room doing in relation to the Wisconsin academic Standards, criter meant to record what students should know and be may be to perform in order to be college- and also career-ready. The Forward test is administered digital in the spring of each school year at grades 3-8 in English Language art (ELA) and Mathematics, at grades 4 and 8 in Science, and at qualities 4, 8, and also 10 in society Studies.

Source: Wisconsin room of Education, 2019

4-year high college graduation rate

Graduation rates reflect how plenty of students graduate native high schools in this ar on time.

Source: Wisconsin department of Education, 2018

Percentage of college student enrolled in IB qualities 9-12

This mirrors the percent of students within this district who room taking global Baccalaureate (IB) courses. IB is an globally recognized, high-standards regimen that emphasizes an innovative and critical thinking. A high school may have particular IB classes students have the right to take, or a school-wide IB program that affects all classes. Some colleges give college credit for IB courses. More about IB

Source: Civil legal rights Data Collection, 2018

Percentage of college student enrolled in double Enrollment great grade 9-12

The twin enrollment participation price reflects the portion of student in this ar who room taking college process while in high school. Credits because that these courses use both to high institution diploma requirements and college graduation requisites.

Source: Civil rights Data Collection, 2018

AP food participation

Advanced placement classes room rigorous classes v a last exam. The percent of students acquisition AP exams may reflect even if it is the school culture is concentrated on college.

Source: Civil rights Data Collection, 2018

Average plot score

The act is a college admissions test v a total of 36 possible points. This score shows the typical ACT score for students at high colleges in this district.

Source: Wisconsin room of Education, 2017

Graduates pursuing 4-year college

This shows the percent of graduates native this institution who enrolled in a 4-year university or university instantly following high school.

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Source: Wisconsin department of Education, 2015

progressed courses uncover out much more about why STEM coursework is so vital for today’s students." class="gs-tipso" href="javascript:void(0)">
Rigorous courses can assist students prepare for and also get right into college, including coursework in STEM subjects. Discover out more.

Many effective high institution students finish up in remedial math courses in college. Is your student prepared for college-level math? asking this district just how they certain students room well-prepared.