So i just acquired a naze32 in the mail, and decided to set it up with cleanflight. I installed the drivers, rebooted pc, and every thing was going well until cleanflight wouldn"t interact with the board.. Ns tried it on baseflight and also even multiwii config, and it works on those (saw the gyros moving) however i can"t get it to interact with cleanflight for some reasoni can"t flash the new firmware, and also i obtain the blog post "No configuration obtained within 10 seconds, communication failed"any ideas regarding what i have actually going top top here?
Hey Samick,what carry out you mean you can"t speed the new firmware? You have to flash it before you try an connect and also don"t forget to choose the Naze32 borad together the target plank from the dropdown.Hope this helps.

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And....Assuming you are on a pc you"ll require that USB driver prior to you can connect or flash.I think it"s listed on the key page that the clean flight app.Best regards,PCH
when ns click "load virtual firmware" i gain a post that claims failed to load remote firmware.i installed the drivers. Choose i said, the plank will communicate with my computer system if i usage a much more primitive(?) gui like multiwiigui or baseflight


when ns click "load online firmware" i obtain a message that claims failed to fill remote firmware.i set up the drivers. Like i said, the plank will communicate with my computer if i use a much more primitive(?) gui choose multiwiigui or baseflight

while i"m flashing
There is part error atm, therefore you need to download the fw from below for now.. Https:// the correct document - climate in the firmware flasher press load Firmware (Local) climate Flash Firmware.. =)
There is some error atm, so you must download the fw from right here for now.. Https:// the correct record - then in the firmware flasher press fill Firmware (Local) climate Flash Firmware.. =)
Yea, been an error within github due to the fact that yesterday... Number of mails have actually been sent from CF devs come github support to gain it fixed..
are you seeing this once you hit "load firmware" or once you hit "flash firmware"?when you hit "load firmware" the should fill the correct version with release note etc, and also then enable you come hit flash. Space you gaining an error once trying to load originally or does it pack fine and then fail to flash?EDIT: nvm, fifty percent the object hadn"t loaded once I responded =)
are you see this once you hit "load firmware" or once you hit "flash firmware"?when friend hit "load firmware" it should fill the correct version with release note etc, and then allow you to hit flash. Room you obtaining an error as soon as trying come load at first or does it load fine and also then fail to flash?EDIT: nvm, half the subject hadn"t loaded once I responded =)
It is straightforward : You have a write protection on her board, Down pack STM speed Loader now I had to affix the boots pads ~ above Naze32 by soldering two bits of wire to castle to make it easy to short them as soon as needed. I currently plug ed USB in Naze32. Launched STM top top laptop windows 10 climate pinched the tow cable bare end together and also plug ed in the other end of USB to laptop. I had to do this a few times before I had link the com port proved up in the box on left side. Currently do not shot to pack firmware yet instead just go with the pages one click eliminate write protection and also click next. Now you have a clean board and also when friend get back to baseflight or any type of other you like it will certainly now uncover your Naze and load the firmware! PS and yes I have a Naze non actual board Ebay cheap y type.

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So I have a mac. I just obtained a jumper 260 plus v a naze32. As soon as I plug in the plank to my computer to configure it through clean flight, it provides me the post "No configuration got within 10 seconds, communication failed" also if I get into and shot to configure before the 10 seconds, it says "No an answer from boot loader, programming failed". Is over there something the I should do in bespeak to acquire my jumper to speak to me?
Does her mac watch the plank at all?If not ensure you have the suitable driver installed and also that you are using a USB cable that can handle the job. No all USB cables space equal and many won"t work.
I was utilizing a cord from a difficult drive. I acquired the vehicle drivers for mac. Execute you have a link to the one that ns need just so I understand I have actually the right one? many thanks for the Feedback
So I set up the driver and did the boots sequence through the wires shorted on the boots on the naze and also I still got the same response. Now what?