1. ED-E shows up to have actually some Enclave log in data stored the is triggered by part keywords.

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2. Discover the patrol knight Lorenzo told you about to allow the Brotherhood that Steel study ED-E

3. The patrol Lorenzo mentioned is dead, perhaps there is other on one of the corpses that may be useful.

4. There was a password on one of the Brotherhood corpses. Maybe that might be offered to bring ED-E come Lorenzo.

5. The followers of the Apocalypse would favor to watch ED-E to get accessibility to the logs he has stored

6. April Martimer v the Followers would certainly like accessibility to ED-E"s data. She promises to update its weapons while she functions on it.

7. ED-E"S upgrades room complete.

To start you must first have ED-E as a companion. To carry out this girlfriend must have aRepair skill of 65 or a science skill the 55 . If you absence these however have a Repair ability of 35 climate gather , , and also a and also return to solve ED-E in ~ the Nash residence in Primm. This will include ED-E as a follower and give girlfriend the magnified Sensors Perk.

Head come Old Lady Gibson at the Gibson Scrap Yard and talk come her. Mention HELIOS One to cause a keyword in ED-E"s system. After ~ the conversation speak with ED-E and also run the playback log. In bespeak to advancement the quest you must wait nine in-game days and then travel to HELIOS One. Search the building for Ignacio Rivas and talk come him about ARCHIMEDES. This is another keyword that you can trigger for ED-E. If because that some factor you have actually less 보다 3 knowledge then this is no an option. A great way to create some of the various other keywords is to have Arcade and also talk with him. Various other keywords include Navarrom, Enclave, Poseidon, Air pressure Base, and Eden.

ED-E"s Quest

After getting the 2nd log wait an additional 48 hours and also you receive a live transmission from items Lorenzo of the Brotherhood that Steel. Assist him out by finding his patrol in the REPCONN Headquarters. The patrol is dead lie on the optimal floor that the building. Loot the corpses because that the and the . From below head to surprise Valley to get a blog post from April Martimer who wants you to bring ED-E to her rather of the Brotherhood the Steel.

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From right here either take ED-E to Knight Lorenzo, which needs being top top the good side that the Brotherhood of Steel, to have actually ED-E gain upgraded armor after ~ a 72 hour wait period. If you take ED-E to April in the Old Mormon Fort and also drop him turn off for 72 hours then he gets a weapon upgrade. After every wait girlfriend will receive a search update the ED-E"s upgrades space complete. Head earlier to Primm whereby you initially obtained him to find him new and improved. Note that this is a different model of ED-E for this reason his inventory and commands space reset, be certain to remove any kind of items of worth before transforming him over.