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Some the the most frequently asked questions by brand-new Neverwinter players room “what are Astral Diamonds,” “what can I usage them for,” and also “how execute I get an ext of them?” Let’s have a watch together!

What room Astral Diamonds?

Astral Diamonds (AD) are one of the most useful types of currencies in the game, and also work in synergy with ZEN, Neverwinter’s real-money currency. Castle are provided as the base money for miscellaneous services, such as the Auction House and also various “time-savers” in the game. Some activities in Neverwinter, favor leveling up companions, need time come complete, but if you’re in a hurry, you can use ad to speed up the process. You can additionally use the Astral Diamond Exchange to transfer ad into ZEN and also vice-versa!

How room Astral Diamonds earned?

There is a plethora of methods to earn ad in Neverwinter! listed below is a short list of the many common and also efficient ones.

- selling items at the Auction House: once you run a dungeon and obtain loot that is not helpful for her character, you have the right to simply market it in ~ the Auction House. As formerly mentioned, the Auction house uses advertisement as a currency and you have the right to make a nice benefit by marketing items here.

- everyday Quests: day-to-day Quests space the most common ways to obtain AD. You can do different types of daily Quests (PvP, PvE Dungeons, PvE Skirmishes, and Foundry Quests) the award ad upon completion. The rewards differ from one day-to-day Quest to another. Speak to Rhix in Protector’s Enclave come initiate daily Quests or just activate lock via the Landing Page!

- doing the Events: Every half an hour, there’s an possibility do specific activities and also gain bonus rewards. Some of them, choose the Skirmish special event, will provide you extra AD. The events appear by default top top the height right edge of the screen or ~ above the Landing Page, in the lower section.

- Professions: The Leadership Profession enables you come send her assets to collect AD. The more you development in the leadership Profession the an ext rewards you deserve to get! you can additionally craft all day long, many thanks to the Gateway.

- offering ZEN: You deserve to transfer ZEN into ad at the Astral Diamond Exchange (more on the at the bottom of this article).

- Invocation: In Neverwinter you have the right to Invocate in ~ campfires when every hour. Invocation sponsor you several buffs and bonuses, and among them space AD! The an initial three times that you Invocate during a 24-hour period, you will earn AD. This is a very easy means to steadily and also quickly knife AD, for this reason don’t miss out on out!

- exchanging items: part in-game items have the right to be directly exchanged for advertisement if you speak to the ideal NPC. Rhix, because that example, will trade ad for items prefer Jeweled Idols, i beg your pardon are obtained from lockboxes.

- lord Neverember advertisement Daily: all level 60 characters should make sure to speak to Sergeant Knox and pick up the search “Audience with the Protector.” This search takes friend to lord Neverember himself, whose advisors will explain what kind of contents is available for level 60 characters. After ~ that, Neverember will sell level 60 characters a daily Quest that’s worth a nice chunk of AD. Make sure you examine in with him every day, together he pays even much better than Rhix!

- rescue System: there is a Salvage Trader and station in the western edge of the Seven Suns Coster Marketin Protector's Enclave. Purple quality equipment can it is in salvaged there because that Rough Astral Diamonds. For an ext information top top Salvaging, check this developer post.

- develop awesome Foundry quests: If you’re a Foundry author, players can thank friend for her awesome work-related by leave a “tip” in the form of advertisement after playing and reviewing your quests.

- Even more info is obtainable on the Neverwinter Wiki!

How perform I use Astral Diamonds in-game?

Before earned advertisement can be supplied in-game, lock must first be refined. Many of the time, as soon as you will earn ad they will certainly be unrefined stormy Astral Diamonds and also stored in her inventory, and cannot be offered in this form. You have the right to wait because that the video game to auto-refine them, or just open the money tab in your inventory and click the “Refine” button if you have actually unrefined ad (for as much as 24,000 ad per day). The advertisement will climate be added to her total advertisement pool.

From that allude on, the means you usage your Astral Diamonds is approximately you! You have the right to use castle to speed up profession tasks, duplicate the illustration of an object that girlfriend like, to buy some new epic gear in the Auction House, and also more. Be certain to visit the Wondrous Bazaar in Protectors Enclave, too – there space many an extremely useful items that have the right to be to buy with advertisement there, indigenous Identification Scrolls to Lockboxes, the Wondrous Bazaar has acquired you covered! inspect it out at the 7 Suns Coster industry in Protector's Enclave or by clicking the Diamond icon at the optimal of your screen.

How execute I usage the in-game Astral Diamond Exchange?


A: This is the “Buy ZEN” tab.

B: This section display screens the top supplies to offer ZEN.

Example: row 1 tells us that there are 2,312 ZEN easily accessible for 356 sleek Astral Diamonds per ZEN.

C: This ar displays any outstanding offers you have actually on the exchange. If you wish to release an offer, click the market to highlight it and also then click the “Cancel Offer” button. Canceling an offer will placed the Astral Diamonds the you’ve noted on the exchange back into your “Exchange Balance” (F).

D: This section is whereby you have the right to decide how plenty of Astral Diamonds friend would like to offer to buy ZEN. Both areas may have values gone into into them, and the “You will certainly spend:” ar is immediately updated as you readjust the values above it.

Example: if friend would favor to submit an market to to buy 100 ZEN, friend would placed “100” in the “ZEN amount to buy” field, and also then the lot of Astral Diamonds you would be ready to pay every ZEN gained in the “Unit Price” field. The “You will certainly spend:” field would climate update through the total Astral Diamonds you need in order to purchase 100 ZEN at the unit price.

E: once you have gone into the details in the fields above (D), click the “Post” button to confirm and submit your sell to to buy ZEN. As soon as you go into a purchase ZEN offer, every one of the Astral Diamonds the you’ve posted because that it are gotten rid of immediately. If you obtain the ZEN because that a cheaper price, or you withdraw your offer before it is completely fulfilled, you gain those Astral Diamonds back. NOTE: ZEN purchase via the Astral Diamond Exchange are bound to Neverwinter.

If there are not any existing sell supplies that match your quantity and also price, you might get part or no one of her order, and the rest will be fulfilled later on when over there is a corresponding sell order.

F: This section mirrors your present Exchange Balance. Canceling an market will put the Astral Diamonds the you’ve post onto the exchange earlier into this balance. Future supplies will an initial pull from these balances, and you can withdraw easily accessible Astral Diamonds or ZEN from her Exchange Balance at any kind of time.

G: This section shows your existing character’s Astral Diamonds balance, and also your account’s ZEN balance.

If you desire to acquisition items or special solutions from the Neverwinter Zen Market, girlfriend can likewise exchange Zen for Astral Diamonds by clicking the sell Zen tab that the Astral Diamond Exchange!

If you need to purchase Zen for Neverwinter, click here. After ~ your purchase is complete, transport Zen right into Neverwinter ~ above this page. You will then see three boxes: 1, 2, and also 3. Select Neverwinter for box 1, pick the server her character is top top for crate 2, and also amount the Zen for box 3.

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We expect this info is advantageous in answering any kind of questions you might have about earning and using Astral Diamonds in Neverwinter!

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