Urban leaf Properties has actually leased theformer national Wholesale Liquidators buildingon route 17 in Lodi, new Jersey to AAA Wholesale.

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The 130,000 s/f structure will offer asa wholesale membership club supplying smaller grocery stores, delis andconvenience stores, with 20,000 s/f allocated to consumer wishing to shop instore.

AAA has actually locations in the Bronx andBrooklyn. The new location will certainly be its very first in new Jersey and also is supposed toyield an ext than 100 brand-new jobs.

Resource Realty that Northern brand-new Jersey’s Tom Consiglio and also Scott Peck represented ownership, if CBRE’s invoice Waxman and Kevin Dudley represented the tenant.

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“We proceed to look for older underutilized sleeve sites to service the needs of our client requiring well situated properties that deserve to be convert to industrial use,” said Dudley.


Waxman added, “In the next couple of quartersyou will hear about many an ext of these types of transactions and our team isworking on multiple projects right now. The owner, metropolitan Edge, had actually the visionto make the conversion and secure terrific long-term tenant.”

“Lodi is an ideal location for ourbuyers with wonderful commercial accessibility and simple loading. We room excited toopen our an initial New Jersey location,” claimed Alex Almontaser, founder and also CEO ofAAA everyone Group. “We have actually a companion in metropolitan Edge Properties that is vestedin ours success, reconfiguring the residential property to meet our needs and also make itpossible for united state to business the surrounding neighborhood through direct to consumerwholesale merchandise.”

Urban Edge, a genuine estate invest trust, announced last spring the it to be converting the former National wholesale Liquidators store into a warehouse and also distribution facility. The setup calls because that repurposing the first story right into a 103,000 s/f, high-bay warehouse with 26-foot ceiling clearance, seven new loading docks, LED bright with activity detection and a brand-new roof and also parking lot.

“With the recent industry challengesresulting indigenous COVID-19, we are pleased come have determined this use and also secureda great lease and partnership v AAA all Group,” said ChrisWeilminster, executive, management vice president and chief operation officer of UrbanEdge.