My Shiney Hiney is one exclusive personal cleanliness company that formulates, manufactures, markets and distributes private label and branded personal hygiene products. We scientifically formulate and develop goods with quality ingredients and also superior design. My Shiney Hiney products are marketed online and also distributed throughout the united States and internationally. 

The mine Shiney Hiney innovative assets that room now obtainable include:

The mine Shiney Hiney an individual Cleansing Kit the comes with applicator brush, 3 bristle replaceable brush heads, a suction cup shower head holder and the finger brush for an even much more intimate cleanse. Accessible in 6 (6) colors and also four (4) various bristle options. If girlfriend would like to learn an ext about the personal Cleansing Kit please click right here for the product FAQ"s.

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Meet... Miss My Shiney Hiney - THAMY - 


My Shiney Hiney Cleansing creams come in three distinctive scents: Citrus Ginger and also Passion Fruit, Lemon Verbena. By moving an enriched cleansing experience, mine Shiney Hiney Cleansing Creams leaving skin through a lengthy lasting, fresh smelling rear-end. If friend would like to learn much more about the Cleansing Creams you re welcome click here for the product FAQ"s.

My Shiney Hiney Skin Lightening Cream, the final step come this substantial cleansing system. Combined with enhanced ingredients, my Shiney Hiney Lightening Cream have the right to be used to fade and whiten dark skin for a more even complexion, all while conditioning and also soothing the skin because that a moisturized and also calming effect. If girlfriend would like to learn an ext about the Lightening Creams you re welcome click below for the product FAQ"s.



The Ellen Show

Snookie & Wow


This needs to be the best "as viewed on TV" I"ve ever seen. My shiney hiney. It also comes with soap for her hiney, in different smells no less. And also just when you thought it couldn"t get any better.. It comes v anal bleaching cream.

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OK I believed I knew whatever I needs to about #hygiene however this ones obtained me confused and also wondering huge I have actually been absent a critical step!


I was cynical to acquisition the my Shiney Hiney. I observed the add and felt, "This simply isn"t for me." then I damaged down and also bought it.It was amazing. It readjusted my life.

Mike Sherman

NETCONG, NJ – September 26th, 2016 — Actress finds Success top top “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” After mine Shiney Hiney Sensation