But there comes a time in every baller\"s life when he has to stand up and also say his peace. I beg your pardon (kind of) defines why quick recently issued response song come Khia\"s sexy independent-women single, \"My Neck, My earlier (Lick It).\"

The song is called \"My D---, my Sack,\" and Short swears it\"s not about beginning a beef through the upstart mrs MC.

\"I to be hanging the end in Atlanta, whereby that song has actually been approximately for a while,\" defined Bay Area legend Short. \"Then i went ago to the West coastline for a while, where it to be blowin\" up, and also when ns got back to Atlanta the record would come on and it was choose some kind of female anthem. would be running out to the dance floor and also high-fivin\" each other. I thought, \"This ain\"t right.\" \"

So, the notoriously nasty West shore rapper went into the studio to cut some brand-new lyrics end Khia\"s music and give her a piece of his ... Mind.

\"The rap sector has always been a female-bashing thing, climate you have the Destiny\"s Childs and Lil\" Kims was standing up for themselves and also talking back , i m sorry is cool,\" quick said. \"I\"m happy they have something come high-five about. However it\"s not choose playas choose me who\"ve been roughly for a while aren\"t walk to have actually something come say about it. F--- that. There\"s too many females the end there celebrating.\"

With her debut solitary steadily climbing the charts (currently #12 on the Billboard warm Rap singles chart), 25-year-old Khia reacted choose a savvy veteran come Short\"s prize track.

\"I haven\"t heard it, but I\"ve heard they\"ve been play it,\" she claimed of \"My D---, my Sack,\" which was recently sent out together a white label single to DJs.

Short does have actually a point about the exceptional legs top top Khia\"s song, though. The steamy track bubbled under for almost a year in the Dirty South prior to her debut, Thug Misses, was given a nationwide release by Artemis documents in April.

\"A lot of of human being are do the efforts to carry out remixes to that song and I\"m like, \"I don\"t know. Ns don\"t require nobody else,\" \" stated the previous Tampa, Florida, bartender and new millennium Roxanne Shanté. \"I\"m hot sufficient by myself. ... Uneven I especially write it for you, or we sit down and we vibe ~ above it with each other ... Just to which my s--- trying come do solution to mine or outdo mine \"cuz you hot around what ns said? It\"s not even around that.\"

Khia understands why some human being might it is in offended, or threatened, by she bluntness (the dirty version of she hit gives brief a run for his money in the rated-X department), yet she\"s not stressed about it.

\"A many them tough heads feel like I\"m simply trying come bash guys, and that\"s not really what the song is about,\" she said, not naming names. \"It\"s just around a man and also a woman, basically , \"This is what I desire you to execute for me. This is what provides me feel good. It\"s not favor saying, \"Just this, this and also that .\" ... It\"s about pleasing each other once y\"all make love.\"

Short claimed his song, which may or may not make his next album, due in the fall, was supposed in jest, however he\"s gotten the emotion Khia didn\"t take as well kindly to his joke. \"I tried to contact her and she wouldn\"t involved the phone,\" the said, laughing.

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\"I expect she has actually a nice job ... And she\"s not a one-hit wonder.\"