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With your counsel high in demand, the Cutie mark Crusaders open a day camp to help foals and also foster collaboration as that’s just how the CMC got their cutie marks. Every the foals room enthusiastic about it (one of them acquiring a cutie mark for haikus on the an initial day) except for one—Rumble—who to be last viewed in “Hurricane Fluttershy”. He has actually grown increase a little bit since and also his big brother Thunderlane is currently in the Wonderbolts.

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Rumble can not be an ext disinterested in the camp’s activities, nor a cutie mark in general. He’s afraid that when he gets a cutie mark, hell be boxed right into doing just one thing for the remainder of his life. Rumble convinces others to break from the camp for a while. The CMC space flummoxed through this. How can a foal not desire a cutie mark?

So they walk to Thunderlane to see what’s up? Thunderlane discloses that due to the fact that he himself became a Wonderbolt, Rumble want to emulate him. The is great at the camp’s activities, yet he is afraid the cutie mark will stop him from coming to be a Wonderbolt. That is what apple Bloom concludes and they lug in Thunderlane together a guest of your camp.

Bored from being limited by what tasks they could do (that could lead come a cutie mark), the foals return one-by-one to the CMC camp and learn the their cutie marks will certainly not prevent them from doing just one thing for the remainder of their lives.

This episode presents the CMC through a distinctive problem: What come do about a foal that DOESN’T want a cutie mark? after ~ seeing almost five periods worth that the CMC obsessing over them, the actually exciting to see just how they come across a pony that isn’t together enthusiastic about them.

You could be forgiven if you were expecting Starlight Glimmer to appear at part point. What didn’t job-related was the tune which ran a little bit long and also Rumble gift a bit jerky in ~ times. I additionally feel there was a missed possibility to have actually either Starlight or one of the Mane six come in to talk to Rumble, but asking Thunderlane is a viable substitute.

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The episode is not overly spectacular, however it is still a an excellent episode however that presented the CMC through a an obstacle they have not come across.