Tombstone: Doc Holliday's 15 finest One-Liners Tombstone is complete of memorable cinematic moments, not least of which room Doc Holliday"s infinitely quotable one-liners.

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Tombstone has come to be one that the most renowned Westerns that the modern era. It"s the story of legendary lawman Wyatt Earp(Kurt Russell) and focuses on his time in Tombstone, Arizona, battling cowboys alongside his brothers and best friend, the previous dentist turn poker playing gunfighter Doc Holliday.

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It is Val Kilmer"s scene-stealing portrayal the Doc Holliday that many fans allude to when pointing out their love for the film. The remarkable dialogue, ceded with lull by Kilmer, elevates the character to symbol status. Below are Doc Holliday"s 15 best lines native the movie.

Updated top top December 12th, 2020 by mark Birrell: Val Kilmer"s performance as the legendary Doc Holliday is for this reason iconic that virtually every line the he claims feels choose an all-time good and so countless of them stick through fans long after the credits roll. We couldn"t keep this perform to just 10 estimates so we"ve added an extra 5 for your reading pleasure.

Doc Holliday play cards in Tombstone
Doc Holliday is depicted in the movie as wonderful card player and also this gets him into his same share the fights. As soon as he"s introduced at the beginning, one such debate happens right off the bat.

Holliday is playing versus a guy named Ed Bailey, who takes exemption to Holliday"s victory and begins obtaining aggressive only for Holliday come crank up his sarcasm and push right back.

Val Kilmer and Kurt Russell in Tombstone
when Wyatt Earp an initial meets his main love interest, the actress Josephine Marcus, face to confront after a performance, she enters the saloon by dancing with various men across the floor towards Earp.

Holliday had deliberately collection Earp up by obtaining him to insist that he to be a faithful married guy who would forsake all other women prior to she walked in and, once Earp proves to be a guy of his word and also declines come dance v Josephine, Holliday is forced to admit defeat. Even though he"s at some point dead right, and probably knows it too.

Holliday"s main rivalry in the movie is between him and also the awful gunslinger Johnny Ringo, whose reputation appears to complement Holliday"s very own as does his intellect and also skill v a pistol.

On an initial meeting, the two instantly get into a small war that words, spilling over from English into Latin. This prompts Holliday to define in a generally hilarious and sardonic manner.

12 "I know, why don"t we have a assignment contest."

Val Kilmer in Tombstone as Doc Holliday
Val Kilmer"s Holliday is a personality who simply can"t help himself once he watch an opportunity to amuse himself and also verbally take his enemy down a few rungs.

About halfway through the movie, as soon as the central conflicts have started to show themselves, Holliday when again gets into an altercation as result of being too effective at cards. After beating Ike Clanton 12 hands in a row, things start to get heated. Holliday, see the possibility to really press his opponent, suggests that poker isn"t Ike"s game and proposes this different as a joke, ultimately causing Clanton come snap.

Doc Holliday was deputized prior to joining Wyatt Earp ~ above his vendetta ride to hunt down the cowboys responsible because that murdering Wyatt"s brother Morgan. Prior to dueling v Johnny Ringo, Holliday was sure to present his opponent the badge letting him recognize he had actually the legal right to shoot that dead.

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After killing Johnny Ringo Doc took turn off his badge and also placed it on the corpse. He speak the over quote to let Wyatt recognize although that is happy to stand alongside his girlfriend on his search for vengeance it doesn"t hide the fact that inside he will always be a killer and also he"s at peace with that.

10 "There"s No normal Life There"s just Life. Now gain On through It."

In his final conversation v Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday fall the over quote ~ above his finest friend ~ the hardened lawman confesses all he wants now is a little normalcy.

Doc autumn the hard reality on his just friend native his deathbed emphasizing that no matter what we perform we all finish up in the same place in the end so you far better find delight while you can. Wyatt seems to take it Doc"s words come heart and also seeks the end Josie - the woman he loves, but up until talking with Doc was as well afraid come commit to.

maybe the quote most linked with Doc Holliday, he speak the line twice in Tombstone -- the very first time to be in solution to Johnny Ringo"s open difficulty to Wyatt Earp and his crew. However, Ringo"s fellow cowboys damaged up the fight prior to anything might happen.

Johnny Ringo wouldn"t it is in so happy the 2nd time once he greets who he think is Wyatt Earp only to establish it is actually Doc Holliday that has come to fight instead. Holliday cooly announced his arrival with his most well known line and also dispatched Johnny Ringo minutes later.

8 "Johnny ns Apologize, ns Forgot You were There."

Wyatt Earp was walking the dusty roads of Tombstone discussing organization with his brothers, unaware he was being stalked by a gun-toting Johnny Tyler (Billy Bob Thornton) whom he had slapped around moments earlier. Before Tyler can pounce he was interrupted by Doc Holliday who had actually been watching the step play out.

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The mere presence of Holliday was sufficient to fear the daylights out of Johnny Tyler. Together Holliday and the Earp brothers stood capturing up in the street Doc lastly let the cowardly Johnny Tyler turn off the hook through dismissing him with the above line.

as well as gun fighting and poker, Doc Holliday had one more destructive understand - drinking. Together he got older and also the results of tuberculosis began to worsen Holliday relied even much more on alcohol to soothe his pain.

While play poker and also winning hand ~ hand against Ike Clanton, Doc started to insult the slow-witted cowboy. Ike responded with violence prior to Wyatt Earp intervened and also apologized on Holliday"s behalf, blaming his actions on gift drunk. However no one to know his own limits like Doc Holliday, who assured everyone with the above quote that he was just gaining started.

6 "Why Johnny Ringo, girlfriend Look like Somebody simply Walked Over her Grave."

The sadistic cowboy known as Johnny Ringo (Michael Biehn) had tested Wyatt Earp to a duel come the death but it to be Doc Holliday who confirmed up instead. As confident as Ringo to be it was hard to neglect the reality that Holliday to be a well-known killer with legendary speed.

Johnny Ringo couldn"t aid but display his inner are afraid at the vision of the previous dentist and his doubts around his capability to beat that bubbled to the surface. Holliday had actually obviously checked out that look before in countless of his previous opponents and the above comment simply mentioned what was plainly written over Ringo"s face.

after ~ shooting and also killing Johnny Ringo in your climactic duel, i beg your pardon was claimed to take it place in between Ringo and Wyatt Earp before Doc verified up to save Earp (as he confirmed come Earp before the duel that Wyatt could not beat Ringo), Earp come to find Holliday kneeling end Ringo"s body.

Before Earp"s arrival, that laments rather sarcastically the Ringo was just too "high-strung" and also adds this explanation once Earp walks over. This, like the path in i beg your pardon Ringo dies, is in recommendation to the concept that the actual Johnny Ringo may have actually committed suicide.

4 "In Vino Veritas."

Upon meeting Johnny Ringo Doc Holliday instantly insults him. In an attempt to broker peace, Wyatt Earp apologizes top top Doc"s behalf attributing his actions to being drunk to which Doc replies in Latin, "In Vino Veritas," or "In wine over there is truth."

Doc Holliday is simply stating that just since he is drunk go not mean he"s not speaking the truth. Ringo also is an education man and the two gunslingers have actually a it is too dirty conversation totally in Latin. Girlfriend don"t require to recognize what they space saying to recognize these two are on a collision course to war.

earlier in the evening, Doc had actually been play piano after ~ a night of drinking and also poker. That is interrupted as soon as Wyatt find himself surrounding by a group of cowboys wanting to totally free their leader who is accused the murder.

Doc wanders into the street to assist his friend once one of the cowboys describes him as "the drunk piano player," and tells that he"s so drunk he"s more than likely seeing double. Never at a loss because that words the fatal shootist pulls the end both pistols and remarks, "I have actually two guns, one for each that you."

2 "You"re A Daisy If you Do."

throughout the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral Doc uncovered himself in the sights of cowboy open minded McLaury who barked, "I"ve gained you now, you kid of a bi**h." always cool under pressure, Holliday simply replied, "You"re a daisy if friend do," and also watched together McLaury to be shot through Morgan Earp.

According to witnesses of the gunfight, Doc Holliday actually uttered the now-iconic line when he found himself in the crosshairs of candid McLaury which only adds come the legendary outlaw"s legacy.

also at his lowest point, Doc Holliday was capable of moving the goods. The over line was Doc"s solution to his best and also only girlfriend Wyatt Earp. The lawman had actually come for among his regular visits v Holliday that was nearing the end of his battle with tuberculosis.

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Doc to be laid increase in bed in ~ a Colorado sanitorium. Wyatt casually inquiry Doc just how he to be doing. Holliday just as casually replied, "I"m dying, how are you?" Doc Holliday preserved his exceptional sense that sarcasm with him till the very end.