Here’s my (somewhat late) Recap and Review of Episode 12 of Season 3 (or Episode 50 as a whole) of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) .

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The episode opens with the heads of the police department summarizing the situation in the aftermath of All For One being beaten. The Nomus are basically just empty space, the League of Villains have escaped, and they lost their Symbol of Peace. Worse, Shigaraki has been growing more talented in terms of his plans, and if not caught soon they’re likely to be screwed.

Back with All Might, he’s with Gran Torino and his police contact as they discussed Shigaraki being his Master’s grandson. It turns out after her husband was killed, she gave her child away to foster care to avoid them being targeted, and apparently told them not to go near the child. Several years later, we have an orphan who likely killed said parent by accident with their quirk.

All Might now wants to try and get through to him, which is understandable. But Gran Torino warns All Might off about trying to help him since he’s basically gone to being a criminal, which is rational. Instead, he tells him to focus on being a teacher.

Bakugo is turned into police custody, while the other kids head back to their home. Todoroki learns that his father isn’t happy with being the number one hero since he gets it as a consolation prize more than anything. And Izuku goes home and conks out until later that night, where he gets a call from All Might.

The two meet up on the beach where he first trained, and All Might decks him for going to that battlefield where he could have been killed. All Might then reveals that he’s effectively retired, and so he’s dedicating himself to properly training Izuku since that’s been something he’s been lacking in. The two then shed manly tears as they cry at the end of his era.

Some time later, we see that the public is split on All Might remaining a teacher, since many start blaming the League of Villains thing on him. The Principal ain’t having that and decides what needs to be done is to train up the kids better. So he wants them to get the families to agree with letting the kids stay on campus at the dorms.

We then get to meet Bakugo’s mother, who he takes after, immediately consenting to shoving him into a dorm. His father, who tries to keep the peace but is timid enough that I’m starting to see pre-All Might Izuku in him, also agrees. Their reasoning is because they trust them since Eraserhead’s words told them that they got a good look at his character and they can bring the best out of him.

After the talk, they get ready to head to Izuku’s home, but Bakugo calls out after All Might and asks what the nature of their relationship is. All Might keeps it in simple terms, Izuku is another student to him who he wants to teach. Bakugo, however, isn’t dumb and just tells him that he’ll let it go.

Now its time for them to visit Izuku’s home, which All Might handles himself. To everyone’s surprise, Izuku’s mother is against it because she’s seen him constantly getting beaten up since he enrolled and he’s running the risk of losing the use of his arms entirely. She’s grateful for everything All Might has done, but as a parent she can’t help but worry he’s heading down a real dangerous road since the school has been failing to protect him even when All Might was capable of fighting back.

Izuku presents one alternative, that he’d go to a different school to be a hero. All Might, likewise apologizes for his poor teaching skills. The two of them eventually manage to convince her to give U.A. another chance.

As the episode ends we get a look at what happened to All For One and the League of Villains. Now, All For One is being transported to a prison for criminals that are so heinous that the death penalty is too good for them (and in the manga, Stain is already there too). However, he doesn’t see it as a full-on loss since he’s taught Shigaraki how to be independent at this point, and he’ll become an even bigger threat in the future.


So, the big battle is over and now we see the aftermath in this episode.

The police department, in a surprising show of competence, acknowledge that they’ve lost more than they gained and will have to work to make up their loss. They also acknowledge that Shigaraki is shaping up to be a bigger player in the end and needs to be taken out. So they’re going to keep investigating the Nomus, they’re going to keep searching for the League.

Then we have Bakugo’s parents. As I mentioned before, Bakugo mostly takes after his mother in terms of shouting. At times you might mistake her for a gender-bent version of him who married a version of Izuku. However, she knows what’s going on with her son and how he got that way.

Bakugo was showered with praise for his talent and his Quirk when he was younger. Shallow praise that got to his head and led to him putting himself on a pedestal. It’s so easy to see him for an arrogant kid with a decent quirk, but the fact that Eraserhead could see through that and to his true self is something so few people could do that she sees them as being capable of helping him become a better person.

I have respect for Mama Bakugo, and I don’t say that lightly. Likewise, I say the same for Mama Midoriya, who happens to be one of my favorite characters in the story despite how little she appears. Because I can relate to all her concerns, starting from the guilt she felt over crushing her child’s dream to the concern she has for him constantly being injured.

It’s only been a few months since he entered that school and he’s come closer to death more times than reasonably expected. And while he’s handled it rather… okay, I mean, he’s not dead yet, he shouldn’t have to be in that position. Her concern is justified all things considered, and anyone who states otherwise has blinders on.

Better yet, the series doesn’t try to downplay that at all.

It would be so easy to paint her as being overprotective, but the fact is that U.A. and All Might are the reason the League of Villains have been attacking. It’s not fair towards them, but they do have an obligation to protect these students. And, despite their best efforts, they’ve been failing.

So rather than argue with her, Izuku points out that he’s willing to compromise. As long as he can be a hero, he’s even willing to give up U.A. As long as the path to being a hero is still there, he’s fine with it.

And All Might apologizes because he has been a lackluster teacher, all things given. All For One wasn’t exactly wrong there. He nearly crippled Bakugo during their last exams and Izuku shouldn’t have been on the battlefield. Things have largely worked out because Izuku is relatively smart and managed to learn from his experiences.

It’s not entirely his fault. he was the Symbol of Peace and constantly busy. But now he has the time and determination to teach him properly, and he wants a chance to do so.

These emotions are what moved Mama Midoriya, and so she gives them the second chance they need.

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I respect all of them for how they handled the situation, and that more than anything else, earns this episode a place in my heart.