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Come rest your bones next to meAnd toss all your thoughts to the seaI"ll pull up each of our anchorsSo we can get lost, you and meMy heart is buried in VeniceHidden beneath all my worries and doubtsMy heart is buried in VeniceWaiting for someone to take it homeEven when you try to hide itA smile creeps out from your teethI never thought that I would have to say I"m sorryFor anyone but meNow my heart is buried in VeniceWaiting for someone to take it homeSay, say what you meanTell me the truth or tell me you"re throughOh, oh, ohDon"t leave me to breatheDon"t leave me to bleedFor someone who chose to leave me beMy heart is buried in VeniceWaiting for someone to take it home
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