When we decided to start researching single cup coffee makers, the Keurig branded machines popped up a lot. Versatile and reliable, the brand really is a leader in this market, but naturally, they have price tags to reflect that.

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So imagine our delight when we found the Mr Coffee BVMC-SC 100. Mr Coffee teamed up with Keurig to bring you this range. They use Keurig technology and their K-cup pods, but at a much lower price.

Of course, we had to investigate and see if Mr Coffee could really pull this off!


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What Features Does the Mr Coffee Machine Have?

“Through its partnership with Keurig, the Mr Coffee brand provides genuine Keurig brewed technology at a Mr Coffee brand value.”

Here are the top features of the Mr Coffee machine:

A full range of Keurig technology features and their mark of approval. This technology includes super speedy brewing – a 6oz or 8oz cup can be brewed in under a minute
The ability tomake tea, coffee and hot chocolate using Keurig K-cups
Three cup sizes: 6oz, 8oz and 10oz
Removable drip tray: This makes cleaning easy and also allows for the drip tray to be removed if you want to use a larger cup
Large water tank: The 40oz water tank means you aren’t constantly refilling the tank. It also makes cleaning the tank easy too

The Mr Coffee machine set includes:

A Keurig inspired and approved Mr Coffee coffee making machineA user manualA quick start bookletA five pack of K-cups to start discovering your favourite flavourA standard warranty

There are also some optional extras available:

You can add an extended warranty of three or four years for a small additional fee.You can purchase a reusable K-cup if you prefer to use your own freshly ground coffee rather than the premade K-cups

How to Use the Mr Coffee Machine BVMC-SC 100

This machine couldn’t be simpler to use. Simply:

Fill the water tankInsert the K-cup of your choiceSelect your cup size

That’s all there is to it! You will have your coffee in less than one minute.

The machine really is that easy to use, and you get a great tasting cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate every time. You can even make different drinks one after the other without having to mess about cleaning the nozzle each time.

Travel mugs easily fit into the space provided once the drip tray is removed, which is great if you like your coffee on the go, and you will save so much money by replacing your coffee shop morning coffee with a home brewed cup.

The touch buttons are all easy to identify and use.

You can choose from three cup sizes – choose the smallest for the most intense flavour and so on. Experiment a bit with the different drinks options and the strength until you find your perfect flavour!


The advantages of choosing this machine over other available models are:

The price:this machine has all of the features of a much more expensive model but without the costly price tag
The huge range of drinks: K-cups come in over two hundred and fifty flavour options spread over coffee, tea and hot chocolate. You are sure to find your flavour. There are plenty of premium brands including in the range too so you may find you already have a favourite
The design: The sleek design would look good in any kitchen. The contemporary silver matched with classic black would ensure this machine didn’t clash with your décor. It’s good size also ensures it won’t look bulky on your counter top
Fast and effective: The fast brew makes serving coffee fast without any loss of flavour

Here are the reasons why you might decide the Mr Coffee machine isn’t for you:

If you want to use your own freshly ground coffee, for all this machine is well priced, there are much cheaper options out there. For example, the Hamilton Beach Scoop
You are tied to using K-cups
The cord is quite short so bear that in mind if you’re not planning on placing the machine close to the outlet

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Machine

Use only as directed by the manufacturerUse the correct coffee capsulesEnsure the machine is cleaned regularly and thoroughlyEnsure the machine is descaled regularlyPrime the pump before use
If you have trouble getting the pump to prime upon the first use and the machine continues to tell you to add water even though the water tank is full, here is a simple way to fix the problem:

1. Remove the water tank

2. Put a little bit of water in the gap where water feeds from the tank into the machine

3. Press the button to start the process

4. Push firmly on that little bit of water to force it through

5. Reattach the water tank and continue with the priming process

Who is the Mr Coffee Machine Ideal for?

This machine is ideal for beginners who want a machine that does the job without needing much user input.

It’s a great machine for anyone who wants the innovation that comes with a Keurig machine but don’t have the budget to spring for one.

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The fast brewing and large water tank makes it the ideal machine for anyone with a larger family or who entertains a lot as there isn’t a lot of waiting around to make multiple cups in one go. Even if everyone wants something different!

Who is the Mr Coffee Machine Not So Good for?

The machine isn’t suitable for anyone who doesn’t like K-cup capsules as they are the recommended capsules to use. Of course, you can buy the reusable K-cup and use your own coffee, but as we mentioned above, if you want to do this, there are many cheaper options out there that use this method.