An increasingly popular local tradition, the ten-week Concerts in the Park collection highlights local music across many genres, including rock, swing, country, jazz and also bluegrass.

These complimentary events take location in beautiful Big Spring global Park in the heart of Downtown Music lovers are urged to carry a lawn chair or towel and also listen come the sound of great Rocket City musicians together the summer sunlight wanes above them. Food is top top hand many thanks to’s growing collection of food trucks, which offer cuisine like barbecue, Cajun, ice cream cream, and so lot more.

Fresh air, an excellent music, and also family fun… currently that’s exactly how likes come relax!

2021 Lineup:



June 7: The distinctive Live tape + JUICE

June 14: Victoria Jones and Jordan Moore  + JED Eye

June 21: Luke and also Jay + Kat Elizabeth

June 28: Maneuver facility of Excellence tape (MCoE)                     

July 5: A.M. Brown +  Darien Omar

July 12 : Chelsea, Who?  +  Remy Neal

July 19: Seeking Babylon  + Groove

July 26: Kristoffer Leshaun +  Rocket City Latin Band

August 2: Jimmy Henderson Trio  + .45 Surprise

August 9: Weather Make-Up date (bands TBD)