I"ve simply picked this game earlier up after downloading it on mine old PC, realising I had actually nowhere near the hardware for it (5 FPS everywhere, and also crashes), yet on my brand-new PC, I need to be fine.

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I"m wondering what, in her opinion, is the many fun course to play?

I immediately want come play one Archer, since I prefer doing the in games, yet I"m likewise tempted come play a tank Warrior, or a healing/damage mage.

I simply can"t decide! I have actually avoided nearly everything around the companions, so i wouldn"t want to start as say, a heal mage, and also then find out the ideal party member is a heal mage.

Any opinions? Cheers!


over there isn"t yes, really a "healing" mage but there is a mage tree the is around damage mitigation and also buffs. Healing is done via potions. That said I think the most fun is mage and dual blade rogue, but the funny doesn"t really open up up until later when much more skills unlock. The least fun time i had actually in the game was as a sword and board tank.


ns played together a knight Enchanter which to be a healing/damage mage. Gameplay was funny in moments yet never came to be a difficulty because the sword capability regens shields. Friend look awesome when you have a magic sword and staff to take out opponents with. The combat came to be monotonous though.

One the the most exciting party characters is a article enchanter, therefore you may want to choose a various class. Every one of the mages space cool characters actually. Depending upon your party structure (2 mages/ archer/ warrior, 2 warriors/ rogue/ mage, etc) you might want to pick a class that has the weaker characters. In my humble opinion the is the archer/rogue class. They room all an excellent characters but I didn"t prefer them as lot as i did the warriors and mages.


Assassin and Templar space my walk to for Dragon Age. Assassin it s okay so many cool devices to use in a fight and also your party deserve to be filled with awesome tanks and also mages.


I additionally played as Mage right into Knight Enchanter (Specialization), it"s OP AF but you gain a little bit of every little thing (melee, actors & buffs), there"s no real healing magic in the video game (instead you"ll be relying on obstacles and/or safety to prevent your HP pool from decreasing) iirc. Ns traditionally beat sword and shield because that these games however I yes, really didn"t enjoy it in this one.

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I will certainly throw in an additional vote for Mage and then act Knight Enchanter later. Ns just uncovered the mage to it is in the many fun course to micromanage since it has actually a decent variety of fun and also cool stuff for you to carry out where together I uncovered the other classes to become fairly monotonous to directly regulate for lengthy stretches. It also fit nicely through my favorite companions (Cassandra, Varrick and Iron Bull).

I will additionally say items Enchanter. Go down the lightning tree and also make certain to take it the passive skill that shortens cooldowns indigenous the fire tree, you"ll it is in invincible because of barrier.And you"ll be a much much more effective article Enchanter 보다 the AI could ever be together Vivienne (altough you could just play her). That said Necro and also Rift mages are also great classes.