In Monster Hunter World, couple of quests have provided players as lot trouble as Gettin’ Yolked in the Forest, a delivery quest that needs players to deliver two Wyvern Eggs. What’s interesting is that the search is an extremely easy to complete, also as a solo player, so long as you understand what you’re doing.

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Gettin" Yolked in the Forest


The search is derived by speaking to the Meowscular cook in Astera. That should have a flashing exclamation mark above his head if he needs to speak to you. Since this is a Level 4 quest, it’s likely that you won’t check out it until you’ve developed to that point.


Once you have the quest, girlfriend can discover it under the Level 4 optional quests on the pursuit board in Astera. Load it up and also have her character generate at ancient Forest Camp (17). This is nearby to where you’ll discover the Wyvern Egg the you’re spring for.


The Wyvern nest, where you’ll discover the Wyvern Egg, is in ar 16, just throughout the border from the old Forest Camp and Sector 17. There will certainly be a ar of the nest with numerous Wyvern egg in it. Method it, but don’t choose them up simply yet.

Cycle v your radial menu and also activate her Ghillie Mantle, then choose up the very first Wyvern Egg. You have the right to then sprint and slide under the winding path and make your means back to the old Forest Camp in sector 17. Because the Ghillie Mantle makes you invisible because that a decent length of time, you deserve to run or walk every the method back to the camp, then drop the Wyvern Egg off in the supply box. If girlfriend can’t discover a an excellent route to the camp, lug up your map and set a waypoint because that it, but it’s not difficult to master the path.


As soon as you deliver the very first Wyvern Egg come the supply box, eliminate your Ghillie Mantle. It is not likely to critical long enough to enable you come snag both egg in one run, and it has actually a five-minute cooldown timer after every use. Remove it, then head ago to the crawl an are that leads to the Wyvern nest. As soon as the Ghillie Mantle is all set to again, pop it, take the 2nd Wyvern Egg, then provide it to the ancient Forest Camp it is provided box.

Because the Ghillie Mantle provides you invisible, the Wyvern will certainly not assault you. That will, however, fly really close come you and put your character into a state of combat. A state of combat initiates a stamina bar that borders how long you have the right to sprint. If you are sprinting as soon as that bar operation out, you’ll autumn the Wyvern Egg and also must start over. Keep an eye on the height left edge of her HUD. If girlfriend don’t have a stamina bar, sprint the totality way. If the Wyvern paris close to you, check and see if the bar popped up. Just slow under for a bit and also you must be good.

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