Learn exactly how to mix a great defense with powerful attacks in this Monster Hunter Generations charge Blade guide!

The charge Blade in Monster Hunter Generations is a distinct "switch" weapon. Like the move Axe, it can morph in between 2 different weapon forms. It likewise has a fee mechanic and also multiple Phials it deserve to fill up while attacking.

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The key mode is a sword and also giant shield. Friend can additionally power up the shield and your strikes by using specific attacks, so the is much more complicated than the move Axe. I"m walk to describe just exactly how the fee Blade works and give some tips at getting much better with it.

Please visit my Monster Hunter Generations starting person Tips and also Tricksfor basic help.

This overview will go over making use of the fee Bladein Monster Hunter Generations including:

Basic Controls - The different things you deserve to do withthe fee Blade.Sword and AxeModes- What lock areand why they room important.Hunter Styles and Arts - The various styles and also arts and which ns use.Extra advice - advice to help you get far better at using the fee Blade.

Basic Controls

Sword Mode

X performs a Weak SlashA performs a next slashYou can also charge increase the cut by hold the buttonX+A performs a front SlashR+X performs a Morph SlashThis changes to Axe ModeR+A fees phialsR provides you Block

Axe Mode

X performs a climbing SlashA performs an facet DischargeForward+A performs a Rushing element DischargeX+A performs Amped facet DischargeR performs a Morph SlashThis changes to knife Mode

Sword and also Axe Modes


The fee Blade has 5 phials by default and a charge gauge.

As you strike in sword mode, you charge the gauge. Charge attacks raise that faster.The phials will rotate to yellow withthefirst charge and also red because that the 2nd, and also full, charge.After you gain a charge, press R+A in Sword mode to fill the phials.Yellow filling 3 and Red fills every 5.

Any the the aspect discharge strike in Axe mode use up these phials. There is a special strike called an Element increase Roundslash.

You deserve to perform this in Sword mode by pushing X+A in ~ the finish of a combo.X+A, X, X+A, X+A is a means to carry out it.While in Axe mode you can perform this by pushing R in ~ the end of a combo.Forward+X, X+A, R is a means to perform this one.

Performing thesewithphials filled will supercharge your shield. This boosts your attack and also guard in sword mode. While your shield is charge, you have the right to perform one Ultra aspect Discharge the will usage up her shield"s charge for a an effective attack.

Hunter layouts andArts

I won"t go over the general info ~ above the 4 styles -- if you want you can examine out myBeginner Tips and Tricks for much more details -- yet I will let girlfriend know how they influence the charge Blade.

Guild format is the finest to begin with, or if you want accessibility to all moves.

Striker is very comparable to Guild style, however you can"t use some of the combos. It is good if you desire 3 Hunter arts.

Aerial is the format to choose if you desire to mount monster more easily. You can likewise perform jumping facet discharges in this style.

Adept enables you to perform insta-moves after dodging in ~ the last minute. You have the right to perform insta-blocks in sword Mode and insta-evades in Axe Mode.

I choose Adeptstyle normallybecause you deserve to use the insta-blocks to quickly guard against attacks.



There space 3 specific Charge blade Arts:

Energy tongue - offers the power of an element Discharge to type a tongue of irradiate to attack.The power and also length is identified by the variety of charged phials you have at the time of attack.Limit Breaker - Raisesthemax variety of charged phials.Healing Phial - The power stored inphialscan in the interim be provided to healyourself with an Elemental raised Roundslash.

Limit Breaker is mine favorite due to the fact that it allows you save up an ext phials come do more attacksbeforeyou have to recharge.

Energy blade is really good if you want an extra strong attack with complete charged phials.

The healing Phial is great if you want to do some healing without using up potions.

Extra Tips

Get The Shield an increase firstWhen you execute an aspect Up Roundslash v phials filled, you fee your shield. You want to gain it come a red fee for best defense and also attack in knife mode.

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Learn guard PointsIn in between many attacks are guard Points. These are times when you will certainly block an strike from a monster there is no actually pressing block.Switching indigenous Axe to knife mode, because that example, has a Guard suggest in the middle.

That"s it for my Monster Hunter Generations fee Blade guide. Let me understand if friend have any type of questions or advice of her own!