There are 2 methods to acquire from Moab to cool Junction by automobile or shuttle

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The cost-effective method to obtain from Moab to grand Junction is come drive, which prices $11-$17 and takes 1h 48m.

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The quickest means to acquire from Moab to grand Junction is to drive which costs $11-$17 and takes 1h 48m.

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The distance between Moab and Grand Junction is 64 miles. The roadway distance is 113.7 miles.

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The best method to obtain from Moab to cool Junction there is no a vehicle is to spaceship which take away 3h 22m and costs .

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grand Junction, United claims

cool Junction is a home preeminence municipality the is the ar seat and also the many populous municipality the Mesa County, Colorado, united States. The city has a council–manager form of government, and also is the many populous municipality in all of western Colorado. Grand Junction is 247mi west-southwest of the Colorado State Capitol in Denver. As of the 2010 census, the city"s populace was 58,566. Cool Junction is the 15th most populous city in the state of Colorado and also the most populous city on the Colorado western Slope. That is a significant commercial and transportation hub within the large area between the environment-friendly River and the continental Divide. The is the major city of the cool Junction metropolitan Statistical Area, which had a population of 146,723 in 2010 census. - Wikipedia