Brandon Sanderson offers updates on Wax & Wayne 4 — among his other big series.

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Fantasy writer Brandon Sanderson has actually been difficult at work writing for the past pair of decades. In the time, he’s finished the beloved Wheel that Time franchise and started at the very least two more beloved franchise of his own. This November, we will get the 4th entry in the Stormlight Archive series, Rhythm that War. But, as is Sanderson’s style, the has much more than enough plans immediately following the relax of the epic novel.

Many fans have actually their eyes towards other miscellaneous works. One such job-related is the tentatively title Wandersail, i m sorry is a novella that complies with the personality Rysn in the Stormlight Archive. One fan required to Reddit come ask once we’d be able to expect the Rysn-centric novel. One other fan responded by saying no to forget about Wax & Wayne 4. The novel will be the 4th in the 2nd Mistborn era. Sanderson himself replied to these questions with a finish update on his plans walking forward.

“Goal is to start that January 1st, after Skyward 3. Then I’ll do the fourth (and final) Skyward book, top top target (hopefully) for Stormlight 5 the complying with January.”

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When asked around Wax & Wayne 4, which is referred to as The lost Metal, Sanderson offered a an ext specific update.

“Goal: end up > by one year from today. Relax date: adhering to spring/summer.

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“Tidbit… more than likely going to lead through a Wayne flashback, instead of a Wax flashback, in this one.”

So, when Rhythm of War is the next large project ~ above the horizon, it’s nowhere close to the only thing come look front to. And that’s not even mentioning the Way of Kings Kickstarter, i m sorry will include Way of monarchs Prime in it. While it may not it is in a part of a whole new series, it’ll give us a look at what the story was prior to Sanderson reworked it, which is great. 

Ironically enough, that Reddit thread had actually no update on when we deserve to expect that Rysn-centric Stormlight novella. Though, with the Kickstarter launching tomorrow, us may have an upgrade on the sooner than we think.

Which the these publications are you many looking front to native Brandon Sanderson? Sound off in the comments down below!

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SOURCE: Brandon Sanderson (via Reddit)

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