Tips to remain Safe at the ATMWalk-up ATMsRemain mindful of her surroundings, specifically at night. If you don’t feel safe, go to another ATM.Prepare her transactions before you strategy the ATM to minimization the time spent at the machine.If girlfriend are complied with after utilizing the ATM walk to a overfilled public area and also call police.Immediately report a lost or stolen ATM, debit, or credit transaction card.

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Drive-thru ATMsKeep every doors locked, windows rolled up, and also motor running while you usage the ATM.Leave enough room between your vehicle and also the one in front of you to exit, must the require arise.Keep one eye on your rear and side mirrors throughout your transaction.


As of January 22, 2021, THE LOBBY IS OPEN

The lobby will certainly be closeup of the door 30 minutes at an early stage each day, and also 1 hour early on Fridays to execute a thoroughly cleaning.

Masks room no longer required, yet we perform ask the you no come within if you space sick.

If you should see us as soon as you are ill, you re welcome call and let us know what you need and also we will execute our best to accommodate friend via the journey through.


3.50%* for any Vehicle 2010 or newer with acreditscore of720or higher!!!


*APR= 3.903%, based upon a $20,000 Loan because that 60 months v a $199 closeup of the door fee.

See Loan Department because that details.

Offer great 2021


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PRIVACY plan NOTICE: go to the Privacy plan tab and review our plan guidelines.CARFAX now AVAILABLE: Click the CarFax Tab on the ideal of screen to send a inquiry to ours Loan Department.ALERT REGISTRATIONS: MCCU VISA credt cards and also MCCU Debit / ATM cards now offer activity Alerts. Check out NEWS TabVISA credit transaction CARD digital ACCESS: view NEWS Tab or web links tabSWITCH KIT (Forms)TO begin CHECKING ACCOUNT: check out News TabLOAN applications locatedon the 'Documents' page: print the form, complete, and also returnvia email, fax, mail, or drop turn off at the office. Encompass paystub if possible.Various species of insurance room being readily available from CUNA common by utilizing the icon on the 'Links' page.

IMPORTANT:Texts and phone calls room being circulated supposedly from MCCU, askingyou come verify credit transaction card or debit map number. Execute NOT RESPOND. This calls room not native us. BEWARE:Data breaches are typically happening with various companies. Wesuggestchanging your passwords every three (3) months utilizing passwords which include upper situation letters, lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. You need to use a various password for each website.

For any of our services you need to be a member with a $25 share (savings) accountSee file Tab for the Deposit terms & problems ChangesWe offer cost-free Online banking with complimentary Bill salary availableMCCUwas well-known as among the height 25 credit transaction unions in the Miami valley for 2017Bill salary Available

Demo for bill Pay is accessible under the links area. Look at it end to watch the good services offered. On-lineBill pay isavailable for every members having actually a Share draft (checking) account. Simply click the ‘Bill Pay’ tab and also follow the directions. You will must enroll through your information. As soon as you space approved through the credit Union, youwill have the ability to pay bills. Stop by the credit union office to inquire about this new service.

E-mail Addresses

All members having online banking accessibility will get monthly e-mail notices to download their monthly statement. If Members choice Credit Union walk not have yourcorrect e-mail address, no notification will it is in sent; however, you have the right to still publish your statement native the digital banking site.

Welcome to Members selection Credit Union, Inc.

Open come anyone living or functioning in Darke County. Members choice Credit Union, Inc. Is proud to have served the neighborhood for over60 years. Members selection C.U. Is cursed to bring members the finest in savings, borrowing, and daily financial transaction needs. Members an option Credit Union holds come the credit transaction union philosophy of "people helping people". Our motto, "We will organize ourselves to the highest possible professional and also moral requirements to better serve our members and fellow employees," shows our as whole attitude in the method we treat ours members, i m sorry is going the extra mile while in ~ the very same time protecting all accounts.

Some the the solutions we market are: re-superstructure (savings), no fee share draft (checking), loans, Christmas society share, re-superstructure Certificate Deposits, and mortgages. The entire organization list have the right to be found under the Services tab. Prevent by the office at 725 jaw Street to become part of ours family! Let us assure you the your accounts room insured (up to $250,000 per account) by the American re-superstructure Insurance (ASI), a exclusive insurance agency. This college is not federally insured. By choice, MCCU has actually chosen to insure individual accounts up to $250,000, by the nation’s largest private insurer, American share Insurance.

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NOTE: law requires that the complying with statements be had on this site:

This college is not Federally insured. "Members' accounts room not insured or guarantee by any type of government or government sponsored agency."Please check out all notices in the Privacy Policy section.