Mass impact Andromeda Meridian: The means Home is the final mission that adheres to the penultimate story mission The journey to Meridian.

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If you"re after aid for components of the game, consult our Mass effect Andromeda walkthrough and also guide.

Meridian: The means Home

Talk come Suvi, Scourge swarm probed for data, Speak come crew about Scourge research

The very first step is straightforward; take it the storm to any type of three the the significant systems and also fire off a probe to disclose the place of Meridian.

Return to Remnant city in Civki System

Once you"ve located it, head earlier to Khi Tasira. Beginning this mission will begin the endgame - when it"s finished you can carry on v all the side missions, but until the mission is over you won"t be able to do much of anything rather so make certain you"re ready.

Reach control center and also reveal Meridian, battle to with door

From the landing zone head in the direction of the mite - they will lead you v a collection of doors through a couple of Remnant on the way, until you finally reach a console.


Get a weapon, Fight to communications, Reach maintenance access, Send signal to reclaim Pathfinder"s implant

Head in the direction of the total locker and also grab a weapon, then make your method through the Nexus - foe presence is fairly light, but be mindful that you might not be together heavily equipped or armoured together you"re used to so continue with care.

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Enter Meridian Control, fight to reach the Archon

Use the terminal and then activate the gravity well and continue her path right into the building. You"ll pass through three open areas filled with adversaries that you need to clear prior to proceeding, and you will certainly then reach one more gravity well.



Want much more help? ours Mass impact Andromeda walkthrough and guide provides steps to perfect every key mission, and our on-going Remnant Decryption puzzle options can help with the many Sudoku-like difficulties the video game can litter at you. Meanwhile, us can assist with Memory cause locations, Architect locations and also the hidden combination Mod that Adrenaline, as well as helping you decide on the plenty of Mass effect Andromeda Romance choices for both male and female Ryder.

Final boss

The Mecha-Archon becomes briefly vulnerable during the wait, and also shooting that is exposed conduit renders life a tiny easier, yet for the most component this is an practice in continuing to be out of trouble - there deserve to be an overwhelming number of enemies as well as hazards to fall in to.


Interface to take Meridian from the Archon

Once the Archon is down Ryder will provide a rousing speech and also then you deserve to sit ago and watch the credits!

Epilogue: Home and also Away, speak to your squad and crew, go back to the storm to continue exploring

Wander round the Nexus and speak to your team members come wrap the totality thing up. (Oh, and don"t forget to have actually a little dance to celebrate.)

You"re able to still check out the game, so use our Mass effect Andromeda walkthrough and guide to learn an ext of what"s our over there in this brand-new galaxy.

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