Travel to Kypladon and the world Cyone (left). Biotic and also firepower teams administer a an excellent balance in this mission (right).

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This is a reasonably short mission, so start by to run to your left and collecting the Rosenkov materials Chestplate native the peak of part metallic crates. Now, before heading to the sergeant, look to the left walkway whereby you can discover a Medical therapy Plan relaxing on part crates. These plans will enable you to finish the next mission Citadel: chemistry Treatment .

Speak come the sergeant and the crates ahead of friend will soon be lifted; as soon as they are, walk forwards then look right for a set of controls top top a terminal. Use the middle button to background a crate and also the left and right buttons to relocate the arm in the pertinent direction. As soon as both crates have been relocated to the right, the blockage has actually been relocated, enabling you to proceed into a well-ventilated area the the reactor. Also, look close to the left edge of this room for part salvage you deserve to scan because that 4,000 Credits .

Ventilate the Area¶

Head earlier out and also run around the walkway to your right and you must come across an ammo dump close to a terminal you can use to clear the fuel rods of radiation gas. Revolve around, head under the ramp and activate the first rod.

When you perform this be ready for one encounter through a Marauder and also Husks, however your main priority must be the reaper shield generators located near the bottom that the ramp to her left and up behind you near the ceiling.


There’s a little puzzle v the crane (left) to complete. Later, focus on the shield generators prior to removing the Reaper pressures (right).

Two reactor tanks will certainly now require sealing. The first one can be sealed fine; after sealing the second one roughly the corner, you’ll trigger off a bigger Reaper battle with roughly six Marauders and multiple Husks.

Set your team up so they’re spanning the optimal of the adjacent ramp and destroy the three reaper shield generators. The very first one is halfway down the ramp, the second is up above the exact same ramp top top the right and the third is to the left that the ramp.

With the shield generators taken treatment of, emphasis your fist on the Marauders and also leave your squad to fend turn off the Husks. Stick behind cover near the left side of the ramp and look down around this area for the Marauders showing up; this should offer you many of time to either headshot castle or whittle their health away before they get close.

If the Marauders protect against appearing, turn approximately in instance they’ve showed up behind you; take benefit of castle going after her AI teammates and also get up close through an SMG or shotgun for substantial damage.

When you’re inquiry to provide help, no doing so will earn girlfriend Renegade point out whereas offering among your team will earn you example points. Anyone you provide shouldn’t be an excellent against Brutes, due to the fact that as shortly as friend send that human being away, you’ll it is in up against a shielded Brute and two shielded Marauders. We maintained James with us and also used his grenades (and our sniper rifle) come drop the Brute in a couple of seconds.

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Hit the begin start-up button prior to leaving. Also nearby, there’s a PDA you deserve to scan near the reactor panel for 3,000 Credits . Head earlier to the start of the map to finish the mission and also be rewarded through +5 Reputation and also 10,000 Credits .