Season 5 episode 1 - sister Dissed the

Warryn Campbell begins to feel push from Sony documents to provide the album. Air date : 3rd-Mar-2016Read More

Season 5 episode 2 - The Goo, the bad & the Ugly

Goo pushes Tina and Erica come a sister standoff; Warryn needs Teddy\"s help with Tina; Mitch battles to apologize to a Mary. Air date : 10th-Mar-2016Read More

Season 5 illustration 3 - Tina\"s tour Troubles

At Tina\"s an initial solo tour show goes wrong; Goo desires out; Erica battles with nerves in ~ an acting gig; Warryn\"s stressed over money. Air date : 17th-Mar-2016Read More

Season 5 illustration 4 - i Only have actually Eyes because that Goo

Goo is frustrated gift on Tina\"s tour; Erica set Tina off trying come steal Goo; Erica\"s diva side comes out. Air date : 24th-Mar-2016Read More

Season 5 episode 5 - Ain\"t the a Mitch!

Air day : 31st-Mar-2016Read More

Season 5 episode 6 - desperate Times, Desperate procedures

Air date : 7th-Apr-2016Read More

Season 5 episode 7 - emphasize & Blessed

Air day : 14th-Apr-2016Read More

Season 5 episode 8 - every You need is Dubb

Air date : 21st-Apr-2016Read More

Season 5 episode 9 - finding a mar

Air day : 28th-Apr-2016Read More

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